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Punic Porridge - Vindex - 02-27-2013

Another recommendation for this blog if you haven't already seen it! (Blog for 25 Feb 13)

Punic Porridge - PassTheGarum - 02-27-2013

Thanks for the shout-out Vindex! I appreciate that this recipe might just be a wholly Roman invention, with no links to Carthage at all, but I think it reflects Carthage's position as centre of trade very well.

In comparison to bog-standard Roman porridge (which I'm cooking right now), it was delicious.

Punic Porridge - Vindex - 02-28-2013

Aha! Welcome to the Forum Neill!

I've tried many of the recipes you've introduced so far (mustard beans being my favourite so far) but this is certainly next on the list!

Keep up the good work. :-)

Punic Porridge - Epictetus - 02-28-2013

I want to try that porridge!

I checked your site earlier, and wanted to see you do placenta. Evidently you weren't impressed with it, which is a shame, because that was one of the Roman recipes I most wanted to try and make. I thought it sounded very interesting.

Punic Porridge - PassTheGarum - 03-02-2013

Epictetus, I assure you that, done correctly, placenta is AMAZING. I followed up the placenta recipe with a 'cheat' version using modern pastry. (LINK) The reason that the first attempt didn't work was down to the way in which I made the pastry. Cato appears to have gotten a bit confused with his instructions. I'm ironing out those problems currently, and hope to remake the dish again soon.