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Pompeii - Graham Sumner - 09-28-2016

Last week I spent a few days in Pompeii, visiting the site, Herculaneum, Naples and the villas of Oplontis and Stabiae.

Attached are a few of the many photos I took in no particular order.

Being used to Roman sites in Britain, it is jaw dropping to walk down Roman corridors and into rooms with ceilings!

I have to admit that I did not see everything but it was amazing nonetheless.



RE: Pompeii - Robert Vermaat - 09-28-2016

Thanks Graham!

RE: Pompeii - richsc - 09-28-2016

I always wonder in Herculaneum, how far down the foundations of the modern buildings go, and if they have accidentally dug up parts of the ancient city.

RE: Pompeii - janesill - 05-16-2017

Super rich in historical imprints. Have always wanted to see The Garden of fugitives. By far the most dramatic evidence of the tragic end of Pompeii.

RE: Pompeii - Alanus - 05-16-2017

Thanks for the photos, Graham. I visited these sights in 2003, a total of 4 days after two weeks in Sicily. As an angler, I enjoyed the Villa of the Fishkeeper and Hadrian's huge live-fish well at Tivoli. It's always thrilling to walk these streets, stumble over the stones, and find historic pieces you can actually touch. Big Grin

RE: Pompeii - Creon01 - 05-16-2017

Hmm, the last photo seems to look like what we now call an "Artillery Sword." I thought those were totally 19th century inventions.

Thanks for posting all the pics.

RE: Pompeii - RoyceSep - 09-24-2017

Great photos Graham. I would love to visit Pompeii someday.

RE: Pompeii - halstein - 09-25-2017

(05-16-2017, 04:25 PM)Creon01 Wrote: Hmm, the last photo seems to look like what we now call an "Artillery Sword." I thought those were totally 19th century inventions.

Thanks for posting all the pics.

The "Artillery Swords" might actually be copied of these, or similar, statues.

BTW, great photos.

RE: Pompeii - Iverson - 10-26-2017

Thanks for your photos Graham...I never being to Pompeii...I feel wonder to see this place.
feel surprised by this historical building am quite wondered that for this ancient building are built in this way.
I hope ,it will be thrilling to walk at these streets and feel the beauty of this place.
I will surely visit Pompeii someday..

RE: Pompeii - D B Campbell - 10-29-2017

(09-28-2016, 01:47 AM)Graham Sumner Wrote: Last week I spent a few days in Pompeii, visiting the site, Herculaneum, Naples and the villas of Oplontis and Stabiae.

Wow -- were you there at 6am?! (Nobody else in your photos.) Last year, by the time we got the train from Sorrento to Herculaneum, the site was *packed* with tourists.

RE: Pompeii - Gunthamund Hasding - 10-30-2017

no he took his gun machine with him, fires few shots takes few shots without tourists, hopefully they took cover Smile

RE: Pompeii - Graham Sumner - 12-09-2017

Hi Duncan

I was staying in Pompeii itself in a hotel across the road from the amphitheatre entrance, We were first in, although the gate was opened 30 minutes late. Had it opened on time we might have seen the main street empty too but by the time we got there the crowds had arrived from the main entrance.

We got to Herculaneum just as it opened. We were using the train as well.

At Stabiae it had just poured down with rain when we arrived so the site was virtually empty. In fact we were lucky, the day after we visited Pompeii there was a torrential rainstorm there but we had decided to go to Naples that day. As we returned to Pompeii all the tourist stalls were closed or closing because the weather was so bad.

Interesting point about the swords. They were copied in the nineteenth century and are known as the infantry or artillery officers sword. The same pattern sword also appears in some Hollywood movies such as 'The Robe'.


RE: Pompeii - Creon01 - 12-15-2017

Graham, is that last picture you posted the one with the sword in question an actual ancient sculpture or a modern copy of an ancient sculpture? Where is it on the site?


RE: Pompeii - Josip199 - 01-19-2018

Nice pictures!

I would like to go to Pompeii to see anything linked to the eruption.
Such a fascinating event!

RE: Pompeii - Clavdivs - 01-20-2018

Those are beautiful photographs of ''the grandeur that was Rome''. My dear mother was in Pompeii some thirty years ago, and her accounts of her and my aunt's travels around the Mediterranean (Rome, Delphi, Athens, Neapolis, Epidauros -- school and university holidays, cheap fares, will travel!) were my favourite fare as a little budding classicist building altars out of stones and looking for fauns in the woods (I believe I saw them) but modern camera equipment really does bring it to life.

The sheer sophistication of Classical society is a favourite theme of mine (I grieve immensely for its fall and think post-Classical society has only started to approach near to it in the nineteenth century, though Victorian taste, religion and culture were considerably poorer) and one which is illustrated very well by these photographs -- extensive and masterful use of trompe-l'oeil, exquisitely fine detailed work, subtle gradation of colour, and in the subjects abundant evidence of an elegant, erudite and refined society, from the charmingly designed jardiniere to the beautifully accurate bird or the fine tracery of flowers around the painted column.

I am especially fond of the photograph of the PERISTYLIVM and portico with the lawn and sycamore (? I did take Botany but I have always been hopeless with trees!). It is tremendously evocative of pleasant coolness on a hot day, gently rustling leaves and the ideal of austerely scholarly CVM DIGNITATE OTIVM (Cicero), -- quiet afternoons reading in Greek or in lost Sabine or Etruscan, composing a history.