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the Peloponnesian War helmets - Smiling Sisyphus - 09-02-2017

I know the pilos helmet was used during the Peloponnesian War, but how about other types? For example was the phrygian helmet allready in use or not?

RE: the Peloponnesian War helmets - Giannis K. Hoplite - 10-02-2017

The Phrygian helmet apears on attic sculpture at the end of the fifth or the beginnig of the 4th century. This is the very end or after the end of the Peloponnesian War.
Other types were definitely in use, most notably the chalkidean with and without cheek guards, possinly the attic helmet, which is frequent in iconography but not so much in the archeological record, and perhaps in the early years the last corinthian helmets, although rare by then.