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RIP Alanus - Michael Kerr - 06-15-2018

I hope this is the right forum to post but I saw a post on Facebook from (Alanus) AJ Campbell's sister, Theresa that he  passed away today. I for one will miss his sharp wit and knowledge. There have been many times that we have had private conversations via email and private message on many subjects mostly Sarmatian and Central Asian history and a bit of Gothic history as well, I found him to be a very knowledgeable man on a wide range of subjects and he has been a great contributor to RAT for many years. My condolences to his family. RIP Alanus  Sad  Angel

You are now on your final journey to the Eternal Scythian/Sarmatian hunting grounds.


Michael Kerr

RE: RIP Alanus - Dan Howard - 06-16-2018

Another one lost to us. Swift journey. Sweet pastures. Gentle waters.

RE: RIP Alanus - Gunthamund Hasding - 06-16-2018

RIP we will definetely miss you and tour knowledge. He was a kind person.

RE: RIP Alanus - Robert Vermaat - 06-16-2018

Man I am going to miss you so much. Your wit, your talent, your ideas. You were fun to communicate with. May you be riding across the endless steppe forever.
I wish your family all the best coping with your loss.

RE: RIP Alanus - Athena Areias - 06-16-2018

This put a pause in my day. RIP, Alanus, I will miss your posts.

RE: RIP Alanus - Flavivs Aetivs - 06-16-2018

Alan was charismatic and I had a lot of respect for him. He was a major inspiration for some of my ideas about the Alans in my book. May he be buried in three coffins: one of iron, one of silver, and one of gold, on the River Don.

RE: RIP Alanus - Crispianus - 06-18-2018

Sorry to hear this, a great loss to the forum I think... my condolences to the family..

RIP Alanus

RE: RIP Alanus - Lothia - 06-18-2018

So sorry to learn of this. I had a lot of respect for him.

RE: RIP Alanus - Robert Vermaat - 06-18-2018

Obituary for Alan J Campbell

Alan James Campbell, known as “AJ” to a wide circle of friends, passed away on June 15th, in Boothbay Harbor, fifteen days before his 76th birthday. He was at his workplace when he collapsed, with no warning, in the parking lot. Immediate attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

AJ was a graduate of Exeter High School, NH; and after a stint in the U.S. Navy, he decided to follow the advice of a fellow-sailor who said “You should check out Boothbay Harbor – it has a great fishing community with summer-time jobs and a life style that can’t be beat anywhere in the world !” And thus he arrived at the place he would call home for the rest of his life.

He was married to June Campbell Rose (nee Webster) for eighteen years during which time they raised three sons. AJ worked at Paul Luke’s Boatyard for a year; and then opened his Bait and Tackle Shop on Church Street in East Boothbay. He also crafted excellent bamboo fishing rods, carved decoys, worked in scrimshaw, and produced marine-themed pen and ink drawings. He was active with the local tuna-fishing tournaments, fish and game activities, and studied the life cycles of fish such as the large Sea Pollock he discovered breeding in the Mill Pond. He stocked the Shackleton Pond at Boothbay Center with baby trout; he developed his own fishing techniques, using fly rods for deep salt water fishing and went lobstering for a time along the Damariscotta River.

Throughout his life, AJ pursued his desire to write, first with articles for Salt Water Sportsman Magazine; and later on, he published a book, “Classic & Antique Fly-Fishing Tackle: A Collectors Guide”.

In recent years, AJ was continuing his passion for writing by authoring a series of novels based on medieval history, fulfilling his goal to produce fiction based on probable events by describing a time when knights, Steppe warriors, and mystics worked out their destinies, as in the genre of Merlin and King Arthur. His talent for mixing drama, humor and fantasy – to be woven into a message – was his gift to the every-unfolding future we are in.

AJ has finished his final chapter but he leaves a deep impression that says “follow your dream.”

He was predeceased by his father, Lawrence Nathan Campbell who was serving his country when Alan was born in 1942; and his mother was Violet Sandretto Campbell, of Waterbury, VT. He is survived by his sister, Theresa Campbell Davis of West Virginia, his sons: Nathan Douglas Campbell; Daniel Thomas Campbell and wife, Silvia; Jason Leonard Campbell and wife, Trisha; grandchildren: Devyn, Kolton, Ryder, Grace and Rose Campbell; and former wife and friend, June Campbell Rose.

The family will announce a time and place for their memorial gathering to celebrate AJ’s life.

RE: RIP Alanus - Sean Manning - 06-21-2018

I am very sorry to hear that! After I decided that this community was not for me, Alan was one of the ones I kept in touch with by email and PM.

RE: RIP Alanus - Graham Sumner - 06-21-2018

Sad news. RIP Alanus

RE: RIP Alanus - Justin I - 06-22-2018

Oh that's terrible. I always enjoyed reading his posts. He was a meticulous guy with a lot of insight and a good sense of humor. Sit tibi terra levis.

RE: RIP Alanus - Nathan Ross - 06-22-2018

Very sad news. Alan was a wonderful contributor and forum member. RIP

RE: RIP Alanus - SAJID - 06-30-2018

Sorry to hear this, a great loss to the forum I think... my condolences to the family
i request if 2 minutes off R.A.T for condolence if possible.