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JAMS-BRILL! - Praefectusclassis - 03-09-2006

After a long period of negotiations (and quiet), Brill has finally given us the go. That means that the Journal of Ancient Military Studies is going to be published with one of the most prestigious academic publishing houses.
Good news indeed!

Re: JAMS-BRILL! - Jona Lendering - 03-09-2006

Congratulations Jasper! Twenty years ago, I founded a little journal for students at the Amsterdam Free University. I fondly remember the appearance of our first issue. That was only a student's project. I can imagine your joy today, when you received the "go" for for a real journal. You will love the smell of printer's ink in the morning.

Re: JAMS-BRILL! - Crispvs - 03-09-2006

Congratulations Jasper! Let me be the first (or at any rate the next) person to join the list of subscribers. I'll send you a PM.
How is the content of the first issue looking so far? Also, if the proposed RAT conference happens and any truly worthwhile papers are presented would there be scope for publishing them in JAMS, as JRMES has published papers from RoMEC conferences in the past?

Crispvs Big Grin

Re: JAMS-BRILL! - caiusbeerquitius - 03-09-2006

Congratulations! Put me on the list, too! Smile

Re: JAMS-BRILL! - Muzzaguchi - 03-10-2006

Hi Jasper,

That is fantastic news! Dare I ask if the things accepted are still accepted (I apologise for the shameless self interest) Confusedhock:



Re: JAMS-BRILL! - Optio equitum - 03-10-2006

Add my name as well Jasper. Maybe you could post subscribers info on the site (as it becomes available?) and congratulations, you deserve this shot!

well I\'ll be - richsc - 03-10-2006

Will wonders never cease? Should I be glad to be a silent backer?

Re: JAMS-BRILL! - Praefectusclassis - 03-10-2006

Hi Murray,
Yes, accepted is accepted. But if you want to update it and improve it, that'll be fine :wink:
The conference & JAMS: yes, that is a possibility, provided the papers are approved for publication by our reviewers, because JAMS is going to be a peer-reviewed journal.
Subscription information: watch this space.

By the way, it is probably going to be at least 9 months to a year for the first issue to appear.

Re: JAMS-BRILL! - Praefectusclassis - 03-10-2006

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a domain name for JAMS?
The obvious ones,, .org, etc are taken, sadly and is a bit too long, methinks.

Re: JAMS-BRILL! - Tarbicus - 03-10-2006 ? Or is that not allowed? ?

Re: JAMS-BRILL! - jvrjenivs - 03-10-2006 ? Or is that not allowed? is allowed to register.

Re: JAMS-BRILL! - Praefectusclassis - 03-10-2006

How do you like

Re: JAMS-BRILL! - Spedius - 03-10-2006

Quote:Does anyone have any good suggestions for a domain name for JAMS?
The obvious ones,, .org, etc are taken, sadly and is a bit too long, methinks.

Ave Jasper,

Congratulations from me too.

How about or

I'm sure you can puzzle out what jo or joe stands for?


M. Spedius Corbulo

Re: JAMS-BRILL! - jvrjenivs - 03-10-2006

Quote:How do you like

Sounds like a very good option to me.

Re: JAMS-BRILL! - Spedius - 03-10-2006

Quote:How do you like

Ave Jasper,

I like, excellent.


M. Spedius Corbulo