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headed animal pelts

This question may have been asked so many times it's old news, but I'm new and I haven't been able to find an answer so I'm asking here. I work a lot with reenactors and on several I've seen an animal head/pelt. Here's a sample to be specific about the head gear from a Dwayne Johnson movie (not Roman - shown for illustration purposes only). So here's my question - when we're seeing these on reenactors are they real animal heads? Or some clever creation? And if they're real, where do they get these from? How do you get a lion or tiger head and pelt?

I am not trying to stir up a debate, just asking out of curiosity. 

Sometime they are real sometime they are well made replicas with synthetic fur and I believe a skull made of resin. I've read somewhere on Facebook that legio rapax ones are real and they came from natural-death of animals kept in a zoo somewhere in Poland
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All the pelts in our group are real as well as all the groups we have worked with, in Brittania. Our wolf came from Canada. The only thing with a lion from today is it is much larger than the one the Romans used. If memory serves me it is the Eurasian Lion which thanks to the Romans became extinct, and was much smaller so the pelts fitted the  helmets as seen on sculptures.
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