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Hand Sewn Seams
When doing the seams on a linen tunica I have seen posts here that say that flat felled is the way to go.  I am using the Archaeological Sewing Site by heather Rose Jones, Figure #58, Flat-felled-type: running stitch of RST + overcast of (single-fold edge to fabric).

I tried a sample piece with a different color thread to make sure I am doing it correctly.  The linen is just a piece of scrap, not the color I will be using.

First, I used a running stitch to join the two pieces, wrong side together.

[Image: 34914444716_38f2be35a2_z.jpg]

Then I pressed the seam open and trimmed one side down.

[Image: 34914441036_ac3ca54aed_z.jpg]

Then I folded the longer side over and whip stitched it down.

[Image: 34144616323_5b3b2a5d22_z.jpg]

Does that look correct?  And this is the outside, right?  Thank you for any pointers.  After having my Roman project shelved for several years, I want to get back to it.
Gaius Aurelius Bassus
(MKA: Winter Guite)

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