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Use of skirmisher weapons
Hi AllĀ  Smile,

I'm currently working on a book on battle formations of the Ancient world with emphasis on Persia, Greece, Macedonia and Rome.

Right now I'm looking at skirmisher formations following the manuals of Arrian, Aelian and Asklepiodotus. A couple of questions for the proficient on this forum:

1. How much depth does a javelinman need to cast a javelin without a run up? 6 feet? 9 feet? More?
2. How far can a javelin be thrown with a strap and without a strap? I looked at an experiment in the US where a couple of high school javelin throwers managed about 35 yards without a strap and about 65 yards with one. Does that sound about right?
3. How much depth does one need to use a sling?
4. What is the effective range of a sling? Vegetius makes it 200 yards. Is he on the money?
5. Can one use a sling in depth, i.e. slinging over the heads of slingers in front? If so how many ranks could use a sling this way without danger to the men in front?

Many thanks in advance!


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