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New recruits
Quote:Nope, not as far as I know. It'd be unlikely too that ezboard would provide services that'd help transfer their boards of their site, wouldn't it?

Well I doubt it would hurt for us to ask. Or at least ask them if it is possible to back up the threads so it could be put on a website. I do know though if we ever change from this board to another that you can back up the files and export them to another phpbb forum.
Yup, and that's the difference, Ezboard prolly has their own system. Even if we did get a file with all the content, I wouldn't know how to add them in here.


Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
Hmm, just testing that this works okay...

Yep! Remarkable... Good to be back!
Nathan Ross
Khairete, Avete, Hello, etc.

Although none of you probably care, Aedon=Spatha190

It is nice to be in the new forum, with a new identity.
I changed my name mostly because I feel I know considerably more now than I did when I registered as Spatha190. Thank you all for leading me out of the dark and into the dim light. Smile

Khairete, Valete, Goodbye, etc.

Felix Lucini

It will not be long before you have forgotten all the world, and in a little time all the world will have forgotten you.
I've been visiting v1 for ages and the arrival of v2 encouraged me to join up formally. I'm looking forward to the new version being as interesting & informative as the old - it's one of the few web sites I actually recommend to my undergraduates!
Dear Dr.Gilliver,
You are very welcome to RAT! Hopefully you may be tempted to add a more academic perspective to some of the discussions going on in this forum.
And on behalf of the team, we are certainly dedicated to making RAT v2 (and in its next incarnation) even more interesting and informative.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
OK, jeeze. I just posted in the other NEW RECRUITS thread.

Jasper, you want I should make an introduction here, too?


I'm MARIVS, and I live in Texas. I used to live in San Diego, and back then I went by the name CASCA. I've been into Roman history longer than I can remember. I was a member of Roman Army Talk way, way back, but I just recently dropped back in.

What else was I going to say?


That wasn't it, but it felt good to type it.
Besides, in the case of RAT v2, there's a semblance of truth to that statement.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
Quote:- where are you from?
- how'd you become interested in Rome?
- why are you here?
- do you re-enact, are you a student, an academic professional, or..?

My name is Adam Cripps. Still working on a Roman name, and thinking of going with Gaius Opius Fugi. I'm from Florida. Always had an interest in ancient history, though just recently I've decided to put together living history impressions for the ancient periods. I'm also a highschool student.
Gaius Opius Fugi (Adam Cripps)
Moderator, Roman Army Talkv2
Forum Rules:
Welcome Adam to RAT, make yourself at home here!
Jeroen Pelgrom
Rules for Posting

I would rather have fire storms of atmospheres than this cruel descent from a thousand years of dreams.
Thanks! I can see it is the place to be for all things Greek and Roman, so I'm sure I'll love it. Have a few questions I'll probably get around to asking here soon, but since I have to get off to school right now, this isn't the time. Thanks for the welcome.

Gaius Opius Fugi (Adam Cripps)
Moderator, Roman Army Talkv2
Forum Rules:

-I'm from KS, USA
-I became interested in Rome the first time my dad introduced me to tactical simulation wargames, when i was 13. (I am now 33).
-I would love to re-enact, but i don't know of any groups in Kansas.
Welcome to Rat Don. Ahh tirty tree .. the best age Tongue


Murray K Dahm


\'\'\'\'No matter how many you kill, you cannot kill your successor\'\'\'\' - Seneca to Nero - Dio 62

\'\'\'\'There is no way of correcting wrongdoing in those who think that the height of virtue consists in the execution of their will\'\'\'\' - Ammianus Marcellinus 27.7.9
Welcome Don!

If there's no re-enactment group in Kansas, make it your self! And make a non common time period if you have no favorite one yet...

Good luck!
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Ivan Perelló
[size=150:iu1l6t4o]Credo in Spatham, Corvus sum bellorum[/size]
Welcome Don - enjoy the forum! Feel free to drop in anytime. The lights always on Smile .
Animals die, friends die, and I shall die, but one thing never dies, and that is the reputation we leave behind after our death.
No man loses Honour who had any in the first place. - Syrus
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