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Show here your gladiator impression
We do a boxing match at the end of the show. I am a big bloke, and victor is t tat to the short side. Its a David and goliath scenario, so i have to loose.




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I'm from Ludus Sanguinis in Airdrie, Alberta.

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One of myself as a Provocator at the London Gladiatorial Games at the Guildhall & a group shot.

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Marc Byrne
A joy to see so many excellent reconstructions of the venerable (and often misunderstood) ritual -- for it is a religious rite, of Etruscan origin, in honour of the Divine Manes, and the images of the gods were borne into the arena -- of the MVNERA or gladitorial games. '

I can only contribute this Guildhall London reconstruction of one of the officials of the gladitorial games, the CHARON who dealt the coup de grace and released the spirits of wounded gladiators, which I found by Internet some while ago, and of the MERCVRIVS or Hermes Psychopompos, who touched the gladiators with a hot poker to confirm their death.

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Patrick J. Gray

'' Now. Close your eyes. It's but a short step to the boat, a short pull across the river.''
''And then?''
''And then, I promise you, you'll dream a different story altogether''

From ''I, Claudius'', by J. Pulman after R. Graves.

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