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STAR TREK- worst movie EVER
Quote:Matt, if you think that this is the worst movie ever then you've obviously never seen some of the shockers I've been subjected to over the years. "Dungeons and Dragons" perhaps, or "Legend"?

Oh I've seen those and many, many more steaming piles from Hollywood- this Star Trek, which forevermore shall be known as 'That movie' was worse. Hmmm- no 'vomiting with rage' Smilie- gotta fix that...
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I saw it and to be honest this Star Trek movie is not bad (the trend is re-booded ) when it comes to movies these days i think
bear in mind 1this j.j adams spin on the francise and 2 he is not a fan and the movie is not made for fans it is made with joe-public in mind Cry

That is my two bits and i am sorry for my very bad at times spelling :oops:
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Go Bua

Not the worst film I have ever seen, (Anyone remember Mega Force?) but certainly nothing to write home about. There were some amusing bits and I do enjoy Space Opera, even so-so Space Opera, however...

There has been a lot of talk, mostly by critics, that George Lucas could learn a thing or two from J.J. when it comes to re-tooling or re-booting a Film Franchise. Now I will admit that I am not "unbiased" (just one look at all the Star Wars stuff in my garage will convince you of that) but after watching this Star Trek I don't think Lucas has anything to worry about. And I say this despite Episode One, whiny Anakin, no chemistry romance, and yes -- Jar Jar Binks. (Who is loathed by everyone in my household except by me and my grandson.)

And I do agree, editing in action scenes is so frenetic as to cause nausea. Indeed, look at any Kurosawa film to see a master at work -- His battles are scenes of confusion but never confusing. Or how about Martin Scorsese's tracking shot in Good Fellas -- what a piece of art. Or for that matter the long tracking shot through the prison battle in Children of Men. There is a director who has studied the old masters and shows to good effect the lessons he has learned.


David Reinke
Burbank CA
Quote: which forevermore shall be known as 'That movie' was worse. Hmmm- no 'vomiting with rage' Smilie- gotta fix that...'ll have to find another name for it. The term "That Movie" (or, to give it it's full title, "That F******* Movie" has already been allocated to 'King Arthur'.

I will see your Nerd Rage against Star Trek and raise it by several degrees of incandescence. :wink:
"Medicus" Matt Bunker

Well, for KA, all I can say is it's lucky for the Picts that Saxons had never encountered ice before, being from Southern California. Kiera was cute, though, and Arthur as a bone setter was a ... nice touch. Heh. :lol: :roll:
M. Demetrius Abicio
(David Wills)

Saepe veritas est dura.
Oh come on Matt you can't tell me that you didn't enjoy some of the movie! I would ask for my money back too but I don't have to pay to see the new movies that come out! I'm in Iraq and they're FREE!!!!HEHEHEHE Tongue twisted: Tongue

Anyway I wasn't to immpressed by this one. I liked it but not so much that I would run out and wait in a big line to see again. I didn't like the way they re-did the Enterpise. I did laugh when the little ole red-shirt got it! :lol: Again! :lol:
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Bryan Fitch

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