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Legio XI CPF marching in the Ardennes. An impression.
Salve Marcus!

Thats what it's all about :wink:

Laudes to you!

Legion Ireland - Roman Military Society of Ireland
Legionis XX Valeria Victrix Cohors VIII

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(05-24-2009, 12:44 PM)Marcus Mummius Wrote:
Quote:Hey Jef, great pictures.
How many blisters :?:    and how did the caligae take the trip :?:  

I didn't get any blisters, nor do I think did any of the others.

We all wore a pair of udones, though.

You saw the strage thing that happened to the sole of my calcei last weekend. The outer rim of the sole got cut loose all around the perimeter, but it doesn't seem as though the shoes lost anything of their structural strenght. Marching with such heavy bagage over rocky terrain did take it's toll on the hobnails though. Wear on these was immense. I think you'd completely wear out new hobnails in just a few days on this kind of terrain.

The caligae took the trip quite well, but some of the people wearing them experienced some problems with the shafts of the hobnails coming through the sole and hurting their feet. This was especially the case in the heel-area. This did cause quite some discomfort.


Hello Jef,

I read about your interesting  marching experiences. Very useful. 

Some questions for a next time:
1. could the experience with the soring caligae hobnails be a suggestion for each of you to take at least one pair of spare new inner soles come in handy, or did you already do that?
2. did each of you carry a small amount of leather repair tools with you, like 1 pair of needles, an awl and a small amount of linen thread?
3. How many outer soles did your calcei contain and how many for the caligae? Or did the calcei contain thicker outer or inner soles than the caligae?

I hope you can help me out. A "maxima cum laude" to all of you.
Arno Luyendijk 


Pvblivs Clavdivs Githiosses

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