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List of Groups
Salvete omnes,
here is some information about my friends from Czech republic and their Roman group. They can not speak English well so I have helped them translate it.

Name / title: Legio Bestia Domina
Location: EU, Czech republic, Trebic
contact: Jaroslav Basta (group leader), e-mail: [email protected]
web pages: (no English version included yet)

A short description:
Legio Bestia Domina is a Roman living history group. We are a part of another Roman group LEG X GPF from Prague. We reenact the 4th contubernium of the 6th centuria of the 8th cohort of the 10th legion GPF (Leg X GPF).

We portray a contubernium of the abovementioned Roman legion at the turn of the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. Our areas of interest include fighting displays, military marches and also camp life and on duty activities. We make most of our equipment ourselves, based on archeological finds. Into the future we plan on expanding our equipment range into the time of Marcus Aurelius and into the times of Julius Caesar. We want to be able to show the development of Roman military equipment throughout those times. Our group was founded in 2007 - and to this day we do not have any smoking members yet :-) )
Radka Hlavacova A.K.A Titvs Iventivs Martivs
Tesserarivs Legio IIII FF
Castra Romana, Czech republic
"Concordia militvm"
Salvete omnes,

[size=150:27u6im7l]Pax Romana[/size]
The Netherlands

[email protected]

Cohors XV, Classis Germanica, Ala Batavorum and civilians.
Sander van den Brink
Societas Equitum Romanorum (NL)

(No longer a member of such group, sorry)
David P. Sandoval
(Ludi Laietani - Athenea Promakhos)
[size=150:9k0h9e66]Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix, cohort I[/size]
Southern Ontario, Canada

[email protected]


Late 1st/Early 2nd Century Representation

(As seen in TV commercials) :oops:

Some attached barbarians and civilians also.
Vale, Bryan
(Titus Rustius Lupus)
Armatus Et Ebrius

LEG XXX, Ulpia Victrix
Ontario, Canada

Thanks for having patience with me...
Legio II Adiutrix Pia Fidelis

Western Massachusetts
stormwind AT oakstone-keep DOT com

Later third of the 1st Century CE (70 - 100) predominantly the years in Britain.

If you have peace in your land,
You will have health in your hand.

mka Siani Overstreet
Legion XXII PR
Cincinnati, OHIO

Contact Info is on website under contacts. (Note: some of the outlook email does not work properly, but the email addresses do work so you can use your personal email to contact us).

We do first century AD Roman Empire. We have Legionary, civilians, Barbarians, any several other first century impressions.
"I fear no enemy for the Legion is my strength. I fear not death for my strength is eternal."

Ben Geraci
Salvete Omnes!

Name: Legion Ireland - The Roman Military Society of Ireland
Legion: Legio XX Valeria Victrix
Location: All over Ireland
Website: [url:1xx5d4jo][/url]
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: +353 (0)87 678 0133

Irelands only Roman and Celtic combat and Re-enactment group. We also have a Gladitorial combat group. We work within the reign's of Vespasiani to Hadrianus.



Legion Ireland - Roman Military Society of Ireland
Legionis XX Valeria Victrix Cohors VIII

[email protected]

[email protected]
Hello from Germany,

Cohors I. Praetoria

[email protected]

1.-2. Century
Ritchie Pogo
<a class="postlink" href="">


Location: near Alb-Limes (South Germany)

Time: age of emperor Claudius (50 AD)

Oderint dum metuant (Gaius Caesar)
Claudius Cirrus/Klaus Locke

Location: Britain


300-500AD Core activity

(Involved in Britain's 410AD celebrations this year, it's also our 20th year as a group Big Grin )

Gladiatorial 1st-2nd Century AD Peripheral activity

Film & TV action personnel & consultancy
Featuring in:

Film- Gladiator, Centurion, Robin Hood (& 4 other feature films)

TV- Time Team, A History of Britain, Life & Death in Rome, Gladiator Girl, Rome (110 TV projects to date)

Boats, siege engines and infantry combat as well as living history
I didn't found a topic for my personal presentation.
so I join here the description of my group
Cnaeus Fulvius Cretan bowman,
We have just created a group of re-enactors of the War of the Gauls period.
As speculatores, we propose light armoured soldiers of Caesar's army.

We are based in France, and several members of the group speak fluent english

Group name: AERA
Depict: Legio I Consularis 2nd century bc; We go from the second Punic war until Caius Marius.
The site is in French and in English.
I am located in Germany close to the Luxembourg and French border, but our members are a bit all over France and Europe and most of them speaks several languages, from English, German, Spanish, and Italian plus a few more exotic ones!
Group Created in 2008 with French, Austrian and German members so far.
Here is the English adress:

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

Everybody thought it was impossible, then came an idiot that didn\'\'t know about it and made it !!! :wink: <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wink.gif" alt=":wink:" title="Wink" />:wink:

<a class="postlink" href="">
Castra Romana
Czech Republic (no English webpages yet, though)

Here on RAT you can contact Tita Iuventia Martia or me, email contact is [email protected]

We're just starting now, the group is about three months old and has about half a dozen members, so we have a long way to go. The period we're trying to portray is the Flavian dynasty, and we hope that in a few month's time we'll be good enough not to make Vespasian cry Smile
Appius Solanius Pertinax
a.k.a. Martin Zdansky
Legio I Adiutrix
Location: All over Poland

Contact: [email protected]

Time Period: 1st Century A.D. to 2nd Century A.D.
LEGIO XIII GEMINA / University of Augsburg
Location: Augsburg, Germany

Contact: christian.koepfer (AT) me (DOT) com

Time period: Augustan 9 BCE to 16 CE
Christian K.

No reconstruendum => No reconstruction.

Ut desint vires, tamen est laudanda voluntas.


[Image: BannerAER-1-1.jpg]

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