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Caesar\'s Gallic War in a french comics adaptation
Quote:Thank you for sharing your feeling.Added more pics and the cover . We'll be on the Comic con of Angoulême the January 27,28,29.A first limited edition will be on sale at this show, while thee issue in bookshop/online will be around April (both french & english)

more information on the website



That's what I am talking about good work!! Smile
Folkert van Wijk
Celtic Auxilia, Legio II Augusta.
With a wide interrest for everything Celtic BC
I am wondering how I can purchase a copy, from here in the USA. A website link? Even if not available yet in English, I have plenty of friends who read and speak French. Besides, pictures are worth a thousand words, aren't they(?).

I remember fondly my copy of Classics Illustrated, Caesar's Gallic Wars and how my very anti-comic book dad was NOT happy I had bought a copy (1966-I think). It got read/looked at so much that it fell apart years ago. Your artwork is so much better than that one was.
Quinton Johansen
Marcus Quintius Clavus, Optio Secundae Pili Prioris Legionis III Cyrenaicae
C'est vraiment super! Un bd sur la GdG avec une reconstitution d'époque scrupuleuse … et tes dessins sont vraiment géniaux !

Looks very, very good!
I want to buy this the next time I'm in Paris… How many volumes do you have in mind? VIII ;-) ?

ὁπλῖται δὲ ἀγαθοὶ καὶ ἀκροβολισταί (Strabo,IV, 6, 2)
I'd buy the French version.... my french really needs to be tip top for the Pontoise market in November as it was a pretty poor weekend revenue wise this one just gone!!
Claire Marshall

General Layabout

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Yes,how can we across the pond buy this? It looks fantastic.
Merci Ligus ! thank you very much for your kind reactions, I hope you'll like our book.
Yes the french version is now on bookstore but also available on amazon if you want :

we are making the english version, available in the next weeks.If we have success with that, maybe we could find an UK/US publisher later (If anyone know someone who could be interested ? but we'll search by our own ways)

for more informations, our gallic war website, with soon the news in english :

@Ligus : Our adapation will be in 2 books, the second will be "Vercingetorix", planned for january 2013
thank you again, and maybe for the travellers, I 'll be present on "Gaulgauda" (Nice, FR) for some gigs, 7-8 July :
Good luck with the French version, Vincent, and please keep us updated on the English version. Thanks!
Ben Kane, bestselling author of the Eagles of Rome, Spartacus and Hannibal novels.

Eagles in the Storm released in UK on March 23, 2017.
Aguilas en la tormenta saldra en 2017.
Twitter: @benkaneauthor
I will have to break down and order these from AmazonFR in time for Roman Days.
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?
Just ordered it from AmazonFR. Looking forward to receiving it!
M. Caecilius M.f. Maxentius - Max C.

Qui vincit non est victor nisi victus fatetur
- Q. Ennius, Annales, Frag. XXXI, 493

Secretary of the Ricciacus Frënn (
I really enjoy with the pictures, great job!

Such a pity that my French is so bad

sorry for the long time waiting for a news, but at last we are ready to get the english version.It will be available at the end of the year, and we'll be on Angoulême in january 2013 for the first gig. The french version will be on sale at Pontoise,16-18 November,by our friends from the Keltia magazine (if some of you move on this show)

We've done an english trailer :
Fantastic! And when will the english version be available?
Fantastic work, I'd love to get my hands on an English language copy if it's released.

Tantae molis erat Romanam condere gentem.

What a lot of work it was to found the Roman race.

Virgil, The Aeneid.
Quote:Fantastic! And when will the english version be available?

thank you very much, Before Christmas I hope
I'm waiting patiently!
Ben Kane, bestselling author of the Eagles of Rome, Spartacus and Hannibal novels.

Eagles in the Storm released in UK on March 23, 2017.
Aguilas en la tormenta saldra en 2017.
Twitter: @benkaneauthor

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