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It seems I was reading from an older rules page. From the updated rules page :

Quote:How to handle complaints
If you have a complaint about any member's post or behavior or a moderator's or admin's decision, please try to work it out with them first in a PM. You'll find that most RAT members are very reasonable and willing to listen. If you cannot work things out, contact a moderator (again, in PM) and see if they can mediate. If your problem concerns a moderator, contact either Matt Lukes or Jasper Oorthuys.
If you manage to get a problem with both of the admins, you're probably out of luck.

Who is the administration team and what do they do
The rules above are enforced by our moderator team. They give their spare time freely to help keep this community friendly. Please heed their suggestions and work with them to promote the well-being of RAT.
The admins of this forum are Matt Lukes and Jasper Oorthuys. Matt acts as our 'chief moderator' and is your first port of call if you have any problems with a mod. Jasper is responsible for the technical health of and improvements to the forum and the entire site. Of course you can come to him as well, in case Matt's not available for any reason.
I'm satisfied having read the policies and guidelines as stated above. They're clear enough for me on how incidents are ideally handled by the moderator team. How that ideal is reached partly depends on the offending member, of course. In this case I agree some poor choices were made by him and that he could have perhaps handled it differently if he really tried. I'm sorry that didn't happen.

Anyway, thanks very much for all your responses.



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