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Marketplace changes!!!!!!!1

We extends our thanks to all Moderators for airing their views. As I stated a number of times that this forum should be used for constructive discussions only. Other activities/off group disputes should be discouraged by all respected members.

Yes indeed gents.

There is now a variety of choices for posting on here, but I cannot call it over complicated.
Subforums are highlighted in red...
clicking on each opens a different area of posts...pretty simple.
Could be worse, and be designed by a business programmer.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Thanks, GJC.

Ahem. The story goes that a surgeon, a civil engineer, and a computer programmer were arguing over which of theirs was the oldest profession. The surgeon said, "Well, God opened Adam's side and removed a rib. Proof that surgery is older."

"No," said the civil engineer. "Before that, He created the heavens and the earth, and all the rest, so he clearly needed plans. Therefore, a civil engineer had to take all that chaos and put it in order."

The programmer chuckled and said, "Where do you think all that chaos came from?"
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Ya know, just fo' the record, I have a site, where customers can rate their experiences with vendors. Originally, this was for WWII, then branching out for WWI and now later, (after me spending a zillion $$ in programming), it covers all time periods. WHY NOT USE IT? Are people afraid of vendors? Hell, in WWII, it put a few of the really BAD guys out of business. I mean the ones who just took guy's money and never sent them nothing but BS e-mails.

I like it, in that you can see who takes care of their customers and who doesn't. If you have a good experience, tell everyone. Say why? Great work? Prompt shipping? Great prices? TELL PEOPLE! Spread the word and help these great vendors.

On the other hand, if someone is a less than wonderful example, spread the work there too... I know this site (before I owned it) REALLY made one of the big WWII vendors tighten up his business -- to his benefit.

So, why not go and look? Not like it costs money. BTW, YOU have to be the guy who was the customer, not your buddy and the vendor gets to rebut, so use your REAL name, don't lie and just tell your story. Good feedback goes up at once and bad, well, the vendor gets two weeks to rebut the feedback. If they blow off the e-mail we send them, C'est La Vie! Their own stupidity. This also gives them a chance to "make it right."
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(Oooh, Marshall, you cannot use an icky modern QR code, it is against all policies and rules.)

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