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What\'s this on Google Earth?
Can you go and check out these co-ordinates on Google Earth, zoom in and tell me what you see please-

Latitude 19°58'0.44"N
Longitude 69°44'47.03"E
Adrian Coombs-Hoar
Is it off the coast of India? All I see is a pixellated water animation.
For some reason my streetview doesnt work underwater, is anyone else getting this issue?
Damian Laurence Zamprogno
I've spoken to some other people I sent the co-ordinates to, they are seeing the same thing I am, what appears to be the outlines of building of various shapes under the water. Look for the blue squares which when you hover the mouse pointer over are called Cavancha and The Diamond Pool. The area between those points have what appear to be building outlines.
Adrian Coombs-Hoar
I suspect there is a lot right off of our shorelines we don't know about. For instance: Lost city found off India's coast

Eventually, great leaps in technology will make underwater archaeology much easier than it is today. I bet in the next century the majority of the huge archaeological discoveries will be underwater. We've already scoured the land with field surveys, ground penetrating radar, aerial photography and all that. Now I want to see that happen underwater.
David J. Cord

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