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On TV being a legionary circa the \'90\'s
Hi all
Now i remember a programe on the main TV channels in the UK..cant remember wich the 90's that had a group of "civys" playing the role/acting out the part of Legionarys for...X...amount of time/maybee 3 days. All i remember is that they were constantly moaning about the cold and damp.
I presume that was must have been done with the ESG. Does anyone else recall this programe, its name or broadcast date?
I have searched "You tube" but found nothing.
I would really like to see this/these programs again. Can anyone help?
I remember that too. They did a lot of entrenching, and Kate Gilliver (sometimes of RAT) was on it.

This seems to be it (BBC2 2001):

Roman Soldiers to Be
Nathan Ross
Quote:This seems to be it (BBC2 2001):

Roman Soldiers to Be
That's the one. They let their armour go rusty :errr:

Mike Bishop
You know my method. It is founded upon the observance of trifles

Blogging, tweeting, and mapping Hadrian\'s Wall... because it\'s there
Thank you Gents.
Obviously pushing on in age like myself.
Your links are well appreciated on behalf of myself and others that would not admit thier age, i thank you...both.
Mr Ross and Mr Bishop....again....getting to be a bit of a habit thanking Mr Bishop.
All is most appreciated
AS good as those links are im afraid that they do not relate to the filming that i have in mind....this was Civvys taken into Roman life and they hated it,,,,bit like, "Do you want to be in the SAS" programe on TV....i am sure it was about 93/94

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