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Game Rules and 28mm Figure Seeking Recommendations
Seeking your in put for game rules for Ancient Roman era Scenarios BC to AD Republican Era, Imperial Era, and Late Roman Era
Old and out of print to new advantages and disadvantages to each.

Seeking to start out in 28mm Ancient Roman gaming and need some of your recommendations

Are siege towers, balistas, catapults and chariots made for the Romans of various eras?
Who makes these?

Put together a list of 28mm Ancient Figures most are either Republican, Imperial or Late Roman Figures and Opposition Forces.

I did not rate these and they are in no particular order
some makers have opposition forces or Romans sometimes both

Please add any other maker you think is fantastic either in or out of production.

Warloard Miniatures
A+A Miniatures
Agema Miniatures
Aventine Miniatures
Black Tree Designs
Crusader Miniatures
Cutting Edge Miniatures
Essex Miniatures
Gorgon Studios
Gripping Beast
Imago Militum
matchlock Miniatures
Miniature Design Studio
Newline Designs
Old Glory 25s
Relic Miniatures
Wargames Factory Might of Rome series
Cesar Miniatures
Muskateer Miniatures
Prince August figures and casting kits
Now THIS is a subject after my own heart! Thank you so much for the list, I discovered some absolutely phenomenal miniature makers below I had never heard off and I thought I had them all!

By far, Musketeer for late romans and Aventine miniatures for anything else is my policy. The latest republican romans from Warlord are great as well.

Might I also suggest for some AMAZING 28mm gladiators for arthurian/romano british - excuse their terrible photos

I've been pumping a LOT of time strictly into an amazing game of dark age skirmish called SAGA in which I am making a roman/ancients version but for now I am playing byzantines.
Damian Laurence Zamprogno
Damian Laurence Zamprogno (Sulpicius Rufus T Firefly);

You should post back here on this thread when your game reaches
the market. Maybe we could demo it at the local gaming convention
here in Tucson that happens here on Tucson Roll Playing Games.
I dont do facebook but some gamers do we could create a play by play scenario
on facebook etc. I have seen this done with Flames of War the tank battle series
by a man that used to frequent Hats Games in Tucson, AZ.

Thanks for your note here on the topic of Roman era Wargaming and 28mm figures.

I like your suggestions you have good taste in 28mm miniatures!

Makes good sense to buy above average decent quality figures
worth passing down to a family member or one day selling off
if ones interests change.
It seems quality is all over the board with other makers
not included in my list above nor in your recommendations.
The ones I have listed above seem decent to me.
I clicked on a few sites not listed above in my list or yours.

With the lesser quality sites not listed that if one were
a stellar painter one could not compensate for the lack
of anatomically correct features.

I have been collecting miniatures off and on since the late
1970's. I had the chance to go to two different Military
Figure collector shows in Pennsylvania in 1992 one
in Lancaster, PA and the other in King of Prussia, PA.
Some really talented award winning folks who can really sculpt and
build dioramas.

I think video gaming has taken over and effected sales of miniatures
and board games in this country but from what I have seen in the
local game shops here the board games are making a come back.
Last night it was almost standing room only and they have an addition.

Thanks for your fantastic posts!

Geoffrey Ives
Look out for these two rulesets- DBA and DBMM, both by Wargames Research Group. They are probably the best sets of ancient wargame rules ou there.
Adrian Coombs-Hoar
Thank you very much for directing me to this product line!

I have to start with a good set of rules to start off with
this is important to make the game appealing and
mechanically work well. With a decent set of rules
I should be able to shorten or lengthen the game
according to the time constraints/interest level of the players.

I need to train myself to a gaming convention standard. Just
incase anyone in the future want me to bata test a game and the shop
owners allow me to play introductory games there of the ancient era.

Video games are great but board games get you to communicate
with people about Roman history and campaigns.
The most authentic figures I know...

I use them for school exhibitions and museums. Unfortunately, the site is in German.
#7 do early italian kingdoms, very cool miniatures and seem to be the best 28mm trojan panoply out!
Damian Laurence Zamprogno
I remember some time ago that gamesworkshop had a antiquities rule set out. But i cant find the old referance to it on their website. But it could have been as far back as the early 90s when i started gaming.
Those rules would be WAB or Warhammer Ancient Battles. Regarding old figures there are Hinchcliffe available now from Hinds Figures. These were designed back in the late sixties and early seventies, as were Essex, Lamming and Spencer Smith. Not to forget of course the famous Minifigs who were de rigour for 15mm figs in the 80s at shows like Northern Militaire.
Looked a little dated now but I'm still fond of these, even though I don't have even a single one anymore.

If I were to do them again I'd have so much better access to reference material so would'nt make some of the mistakes I did then.
I'm looking for some guidelines to build your own maquette. I'm planning to make an maquette representing an Roman Limes fort defending against an horde of German tribes. I know you can buy alot of stuff online but I want to make most of the maquette myself.
Jasper Westerhuis

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