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Late 2nd Century Aquilifer and Signifer Crest/skin
Ave to All,
Does any one have an idea what sort of crest/skin the signifer, imagio/ aquilifer of a classis unit of 180-192 C.E. would use? On the Portonaccio Sarcophagus, there appear to be one or two milles wearing a helm with what appears to be a "Sea Serpent" on athem ( For lack of a better discription). The problem that I have with that is not the Fact that it might be a Sea Serpent , but that it looks like one atop the helms of 2 landbased legios. ANY suggestions, Mi Fraters? I could see something like that on a Classis mille Standard Bearer, but a landlocked way! I feel like I know a goodly number of You folks out there and I count You All amongst my Friends, Even those who disagree with me on occasions. I sure could use Your help, Mi Fraters, PLEASE, as I am desparate to start my Classis. Thanks in advance,
Peace be with You all and Yours
Larry (Vitruvius) Mager
Larry A. Mager

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