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Any current works about hoplite shield devices?
Aside from G.H.Chase's 1902 The Shield Devices of the Greeks in Art and Literature, has another title been published or in the works containing newer findings?
aka T*O*N*G*A*R
No, unfortunately. Chase remains the only academic publication dedicated to shield devices. At least that I'm aware of and I'm quite sure if there were another, someone would have mentioned it by now. :-(
Mark Hayes

"The men who once dwelled beneath the crags of Mt Helicon, the broad land of Thespiae now boasts of their courage"

"So now I meet my doom. Let me at least sell my life dearly and have a not inglorius end, after some feat of arms that shall come to the ears of generations still unborn"
Hektor, the Iliad
Since I hope to write a book in the future .... please find out what some research has done so far....

Also most existing works on the subject are in Greek for the time being...

some thought on the Thespians

and some thoughts on the elite hoplites of the West ...

Kind regards

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