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Petitions To Save Our Ancient Heritage
I'd like to make this thread a place where people can propose online petitions to save ancient monuments and sites. Please contribute petitions you deem worthwhile to support.

I'll start right away with a petition which aims at preserving the ancient Latmos region, Western Turkey, with its stone reliefs, from modern mining enterprises:

Save Mount Latmos
Aim: 20.000 signatures (not just 2.500 as the petition says)
Petitioner: The Turkish association for ecological preservation, EKODODS, located in Kusadasi. The petition is also supported by members of the renowned Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut (ÖAI) and Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (DAI).
Recipient: Turkish Ministry of Forestry
Stefan (Literary references to the discussed topics are always appreciated.)
Save and Restore Ancient Diolkos
Aim: 10,000 signatures

State of Decay of the Diolkos (2006 compared to 1960)
Stefan (Literary references to the discussed topics are always appreciated.)
Save History from Rampant Ignorance
Aim: 1,000 legible signatures

State of Decay in American Schools from 1960 to 2014

Save what? Within another generation, nobody will know enough about history to save Anything. Cry
Alan J. Campbell

member of Legio III Cyrenaica and the Uncouth Barbarians

Author of:
The Demon's Door Bolt (2011)
Forging the Blade (2012)

"It's good to be king. Even when you're dead!"
             Old Yuezhi/Pazyrk proverb

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