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Help with Weisenau
Greetings. Surfing the net I found what appears to be a museum piece, listed as a Weisenau helmet. I've never seen this type of helmet and was hoping someone could help me know if it is a reproduction or original, and what type it is.

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Álvar Martiño
I have another photograph of this helmet in my collection which is labeled "Saalburg 2009", so it might be on display there.
The text besides the helmet reads: "Immer höhere Qualitätsstandards - Ausrüstungsnachbau über 25 Jahre. Helm vom Typ Weisenau und Schwert (gladius) vom [...]. Erstlingswerke von Alexander Zimmermann 1986".
It means that the quality in making replicas developed over the past 25 years. The helmet and the sword are replicas made by an Alexander Zimmermann in 1986.
But I cannot say if the helmet is based on a special find.


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Andreas Gagelmann
Berlin, Germany
Many thanks Deceballus, at least now i have a better photo to work with..
If anyone else can help me to find the helmet is this replica based on; or any kind of information please, post it
Álvar Martiño
It looks like the Gallic C type. Here's the Deepeeka version you can buy, based on a find in Sisak.

[Image: GalC1.jpg]

However, the one you posted also looks like someone mixed a coolus and a gallic.

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