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Legio XVII: Battle of the Danube
I just published book 2 of the series Legio XVII Smile. It's available at Amazon, B&N, Apple, etc. Here's the link to Amazon:
Very interesting plot! If there are two things I like, its the 2nd Punic War and Iron Age tribes. Are there hardcopies available?
"The strong did what they could, the weak suffered what they must."

- Thucydides

Sean Cantrell
Northern Michigan
Thank you for your comment Ariovistus. There are no hard copies of books 1 or 2. Maybe someday ~ sorry! I too enjoy the history of the 2nd Punic War. My first book goes into much greater detail about the war. I was aiming for a truly historical fiction novel. Book 2 is light on Punic War history, but heavy on the Cimbri/Teuton migration and Rome's reaction. Book 2 has more battles and excitement. It's a trade off!

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