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Starting a gladiator group in Toronto

Hey gals 'n pals. I'm in the process of putting together a scissor gladiator impression. Should be ready by this summer, financially anyways. I've always found medieval knights, their history as well as ancient Roman Gladiators to be fascinating (from when I thought it was all about rag tag armoured slaves fighting for survival to having a less Hollywood view/understanding of them today).

Because of it, for the past year I've been thinking about how it could be possible to revive the lifestyle today (minus taking slaves, building training schools and housing/feeding gladiators because I know we all have busy schedules) and give today's "gladiators" a chance to make an income for their involvement by putting on gladiatorial fights for the public and I've narrowed it down to starting up an organization that performs gladiatorial reenactments for the public.

The goal would be to start an organization that offers medium to full contact gladiatorial fights to the public, with rules and equipment of course to offer protection to members (no strikes to the joints/from the neck up, jock/mouth guard/kidney protection etc etc) all the while also financially reimbursing its members for their time and damage (whether taken or not) to their equipment.

I know this isn't anything new as there are plenty of events in Germany, Britain, Italy, the U.S. etc. that do the same thing but what I was proposing to make things different or add a little extra, is to set up a web page with "fighter" records, statistics etc. and base member pay on wins with pay, or compensation coming from the public (basically the total of admission from people who show up to watch the fights, divided up among members and the organization).

I'm not expecting something like this to pick up with "millions of viewers, advertising, tens of millions of dollars a year!". I'd just be doing this as something as an interest of mine and as a way to bring gladiatorial fighting aka gladiator reenacting to the general public that members can be a part of to make a little extra money showcasing their skills by doing what they love.

I currently live in the Toronto area and would love to hear if anyone's interested in either joining up or offering any suggestions on it. Good or bad, I have no problem with any suggestions/criticisms Smile
There's a gladiator group in Canada, if I'm not mistaken they are from Calgary. They don't have a website, at least I couldn't find any by google search but they have a page on Facebook:
Darn. I have been considering this for our group in DC, but need a knowledgeable leader.
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?
Hey thanks for the input.

When I have a chance to finally sit down today I'll have a look. Should be interesting Smile
Matt Lanteigne, who lives in Ontario, passed along a request from the Ottawa War Museum for some kind of gladiator event. When I know more I'll pass it along.
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?
PM sent regarding your group.

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