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"Skill Badges" for Re-Enactors ?
...veeeery interesting:



In NO way affiliated with that Enterprise.
Siggi K.
Sure, but can they be done in metal for display as phalerae? Or a new kind of signum?
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?
....on that website we have 3D-Printers which can be loaded by cooper-composite filaments or even bronze-composite filaments.
Definitely not meant as a "commercial" but new technology sometimes gives birth to new possibilities.
Right now I have neither time nor money to delve deeper into THAT ....


Could be interesting for museums (their "merchandise" dept, that is) ...scanning goodies in 3D and printing them for visitors to buy replicas.
Siggi K.
Wouldn't be a bad idea to run recruits through the actual requirements for the old Boy Scout Camping, Hiking, First Aid, and other Skill Awards (not necessarily the merit badges). Lot of guys lack what used to be basic outdoors skills.
Steve in WA

Pone hic aliqua ingeniosum.

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