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The shield devices of the Greeks in art and literature
Hello , i would like to ask about book named" The shield devices of the Greeks in art and literature by Chase in 1979" , if it different from  the article written in 1902 for the same writer or not ? and Is there more shield devices discovered after this period ?

i am also ask  if anyone have  this book can sent me a soft copy from it or from contents , i will be thankful
Reham  Smile
See here for the text to read/download. But without the plates sadly.

Even the 1978 edition - which seems to be just a reprint - is out of print, but see here regularly.

A starting point for further research could be here .


Andreas Gagelmann
Berlin, Germany
This title, along with others listed as "Out of Stock," is still available via the publisher:
aka T*O*N*G*A*R
thanks for help Smile
Reham  Smile

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