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Ancient gladiatorial schools
Ave, civitas,

Does anyone know how many gladiatorial schools there were in the Roman Empire?  Is there a map somewhere?
In the book I have, "Emperors and Gladiators" it does not have a listing of schools.

On line I find information about Rome (the city) and Carnuntum.  There had to be more.

Need information for a novel I am writing.

As always, thanks in advance.

AKA Tom Chelmowski

Historiae Eruditere (if that is proper Latin)
Ave Civitas,

Still looking for information on gladiatorial schools.

The wikipedia article:
Shows a map with the locations of amphitheatres.  It states more than 230, I didn't count them.

It does not show an arena in Constantinopolis.  However, I looked at a map of that city produced by the university in Thessalonika (which URL I cannot find anymore).  It shows an amphitheatrum near Hagia Irene, south of the forum of Leo I.

Then this article:
Estimates that there were over 100 gladiators schools in the Roman Empire.  It lists only those schools in Rome;  There were 4 gladiator schools in Rome:  
1. The Great Gladiatorial Training School (Ludus Magnus)
2. The Bestiaries School (Ludus matutinus)
3. The Gallic School (Ludus Gallicus)
4. The Dacian School (Ludus Dacicus)
However, it does not provide locations of the other 96.

AKA Tom Chelmowski

Historiae Eruditere (if that is proper Latin)
You might want to look into Olaf Kuepper's Facebook page, "Gladiator Research." Lots of gladiatorial historians post there. A problem with the schools is that, except for Rome, they were always located outside of the cities, so they don't show up when a town is excavated. I know there has been one found in Austria and mybe another in Britain, but I'm unaware of any others.
Pecunia non olet

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