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Rome 2 Total Realism 3 released
[Image: e4KPeLk.png]

version 3.0


After a very log break i'm proud to present you our latest release for Rome 2 Total Realism. This mod came through some rough times, when it looked it will be never properly finished, yet now it rises from its ashes bringing new and improved features and tons of changes focused on gameplay and historical authenticity.

I've made this release to honor and thank all people who participated in the past with the Rome 2 Total Realism project. Hope some of them who still play Rome 2 time to time will like what i did with it.

I would also like to thank Magnar, for all his support and help he gave me while working on this release.



Greatly improved combat mechanics, introduced many new units for Rome, while altering and changing multiple units for other factions as well. Introducing completely reworked naval combat, with new Marine units, drastically changed how units work in battle,removed unit experience and replacing it with General and Army Legacy effects for much more challenging game-play and huge importance increase for Generals.

Completely overhauled Army stances with a lot of new important effects, adjusted Agent impact on campaign play, with changed dynamics how they work now.

Complete Building overhaul brings massively reworked building effects, optimized for 12 Turns per year with DLC Campaigns. Massive changes to political system, with both benefits and negatives high politics brings. Diplomacy and AI campaign behavior adjusted, for more active AI and more challenging gameplay. Campaign changes include Public order, Taxation, Food and Growth effects rework, which should bring some logical yet quite challenging dilemmas for the player.

Anyway you can read full changelog here with much more detailed info.

R2TR v3.0 Download

In order to download our mod, you will simply need to subscribe to it on our Steam page, located here. Log into your Steam account and press the 'subscribe' button, then the mod will automatically be downloaded the next time you launch the game. Make sure older versions are not enabled at the same time as this mod. Also some older submods might not work properly, due to containing obsolete file structure.


Rome 2 Total War team:

JaM, Maurits, LestaT, ^OvO^, Splenyi, Causeless, ahowl11, VINC.XXIII, Avetis, HouseofHam, Finn, Phalangitis, Mackles, La Tene, Kepper, Moacyr, H0CHM31573R, Muizer, pirro, Clearchus of Sparta, Bethencourt, T.C., DaVinci, Kelindi, Necronox, MCM, JCB206, Mausolos of Caria, Basileos Antiokhos Euergetes, anunnak, Mulattothrasher


Reasonable Public Order - credits to Magnar
New Armor models - credits to Kraut and Tea
New Scutum and quilted suburmalis - credits to Stealth4Health
Removed Victory points from encampments - credits to zowrath
Axe Animation Fragment Mod - credits to AggonyDuck.
Realistic Unit Names - credits to Splenyi.
Alii Colores Romae: Omnes Factiones - credits to Demokritos.
Closer Deployment Zones - credits to Sheridan.


Units and Battle changes:

- Unit experience completely removed, has no longer any effect on unit stats. Instead, player and AI will have to rely on General or army/navy bonuses, and potential building upgrades. Training tier building specifically are now meant to represent standard training units should get, therefore will provide decent stat bonuses.
- Unit stats completely reworked to cope properly with new system. Stats vary now based on unit experience, quality, equipment and status.
- New Late Roman units introduced and available through all (related) campaigns. Legionarii Expediti, Legionarii Antesignani, Light Carthaginian Marines, Carthaginian Marines,  Light Roman Marines, Heavy Roman Marines, Marines (late), Light Eastern Marines and Light Hellenic Marines.
- Multiple units reworked with new look and new icons.  Thureophoroi, Peltasts, Light Peltasts, Sagitarii Auxilia, Legionary Cavalry, Thorakitai.
- Evocati changed to Factional mercenary unit for Caesar in Gaul campaign.
- Completely reworked Pike Phalanx behavior much closer to reality than before.
- AI Unit composition overhauled, more focus on heavy infantry than before. Greek factions will now recruit more heavy skirmishers (Thureophoroi), Macedonians and other Successors will focus on Phalangites.
- Armor stats replaced with resistance, as it better describe how that parameter works in the game.
- Victory place removed from fortified camp. AI will now try to fight in the open in front of the camp instead of camping in. FULL CREDITS:   zowrath
- Tweaks to melee behavior, reduced amount of step-backing, so soldiers wont spread out way too much when in melee. Instead will keep formation better.
- Changes to how projectile accuracy works, All projectiles got base accuracy reduced but instead, got bonuses against Infantry/Cavalry/Elephants based on their accuracy against moving targets. Cavalry is now harder to hit by infantry weapons, Yet cavalry ranged weapons don't have this penalty.  This doesn't impact mass volleys that will still inflict a lot of losses no matter what.
- Projectile suppression implementation. Unit under fire will have its reloading drastically reduced, therefore will not be able to fire back.  Slingshots are particularly effective in this, as stones are hard to see, therefore unit targeted by slingers is rather taking cover than firing back, which makes slingers very effective at suppressing enemy ranged units.
- Cavalry behavior rework. Cavalry now has slightly less melee defense, therefore will be easier to kill in prolonged melee. At the same time, all infantry got  anti-cavalry bonus for their weapons. If cavalry gets caught in prolonged melee against formed infantry(even swordsmen), it will pay a high price now. Instead, cavalry is supposed to charge the sides or back and cause the morale shock to rout the enemy.
- Formed attack removed from all melee infantry, except for Hoplites, as it now represent the Hoplite phalanx formation.
- Disciplined Infantry (mostly Roman) will now have a Reform! ability. When activated, unit will cease pursuing enemy, and instead will form back into proper formation. Ability will also restore the order in ranks.
- Added a lot of new armors, FULL CREDITS:   Kraut and Tea
- Recruitment times increased for all units, based on type of unit and quality. Losing units or armies is now much bigger issue than before, replacing lost army takes not just money but time as well.

Naval Changes:

- Introduction of light and heavy crew, based on ship type. Light crew will have more javelins, but will be much more vulnerable to boarding action. Typically, all ships smaller than Four will have light crew, and ships greater than Four will use heavy crew (Four included)
- New "Prepare for combat" ability for all naval units. Activating this ability will increase ship speed (battle speed) increase combat stats of the crew and improve morale. This ability can be only activated while being on board, once marines disembark, ability will be unavailable and deactivated. It is supposed to simulate much better effectivity of skilled marines while fighting on board of their ships. Thanks to these bonuses, Marines will have much better chance to overcome any potential "Land unit" that might try to board the military vessel. Yet if Marines are sent on shore, they will lose these bonuses and will fight as normal infantry.
- Ship stats adjustments. Ship costs, hull strength and speed was adjusted based on latest info, heavy ships much more sturdy against ramming attacks, but slower and less maneuverable.  Ship cost is now based not just on actual ship cost, but also on its supposed crew and its training level(skilled and unskilled rowers, marines).
- Ship acceleration and deceleration reduced, so only initial ramming at full speed will deal full damage. Any follow up short range ramming will deal less damage.
- Technology improvements will significantly increase combat capabilities of fleets, therefore will be essential to win the naval war. (increased hull strength, improved ramming, close combat training)


- General Skill tree overhauled, with three distinct paths possible. Commander will focus on  unit morale and defense but will increase unit costs, Strategist will focus on strategic mobility,supply line and replenishment but will reduce overall morale (soldiers don't like to march more) and Warrior will focus on  actual soldier strength, while decreasing enemy morale, but compensated by  less effective defenses.
- General will get single skill-point each rank, each rank will increase his attributes (authority,subterfuge,zeal), while each attribute will guarantee certain bonuses. Every single attribute point will increase General's Personal Aura radius, while every attribute type will activate different General abilities (Inspire, Reform, Warcry, etc.)
- Generals will gain levels slightly faster, active generals will be able to gain ranks more now. This is mostly a compensation for experience system that was removed, as now, General bonuses are vital and very important to every army.

Army/Navy Legacy:

- All Army/Navy skills were adjusted. More skills will be available at level 1 to chose from, so player will be able to customize his armies better.
- Combat skill bonuses provided by Legacy will be minor to the bonuses given by Generals, as Legacy bonuses cannot be removed, while Generals are mortal men.


- Agent chance of success and critical success was greatly reduced, level requirements increased. All agents will gain levels on much slower pace, due to fact they can gain experience while being deployed.
- All agent abilities were adjusted or reworked. Certain areas are specific to certain action (burning down the building is the only action that will delay the construction now, poisoning garrison wont have such effect)
- Damage to main city building will now also disable defensive towers. This way agents will be able to make any siege attack easier, yet as AI tends to repair, such opportunity will be short so you will have to decide if you wanna storm the city with the army or wait.
- Agents will no longer remove all Action Points from armies, yet they will be able to remove 25% on success and 50% on critical success.
- Deploying agent in province will either increase (own) or decrease (enemy) governing attribute (authority, subterfuge,zeal) making such province harder/easier to engage with other agents using skills governed by those attributes.
- Any unsuccessful action against a character or army will increase chance to stop further attacks, while compromised agents will get defense penalty against enemy agents.
- Number of agents available to AI was reduced down, only large AI empires will now have multiple agents.

Army stances:

- Every stance will now consume food (-2) from local province. Armies in own provinces consume your food, armies in enemy provinces consume enemy food. Raiding stance will quadruple the amount of food (-8) consumed (due to pillaging)
- Ambush stance can be initiated anytime during turn (doesn't require AP) to give player ability to react on AI actions during AI turn.
- Forced March stance  will now reduce melee attack and melee defense, not only morale. Armies in that stance will be at disadvantage when defending the ambush, so this stance should be only used when enemy is not near. AI will use this stance less due to mentioned penalties.
- Fortify stance now represent army encamped within province. Army will have stronger military presence (public order bonus), will be able to reinforce other armies at slightly longer distance (fortified army on the border will be able to reinforce nearby city if enemy army gets through)
- Siege stance will restrict possible reinforcement, so sieging army will not reinforce any armies fighting battle in same region, as its occupied by the siege.
- Raiding stance, similarly as Siege stance will restrict reinforcement, as units are spread out razing and looting nearby villages and small towns. At the same time, combat stats will be decreased, due to scattered units, therefore raiding army will be more vulnerable to counterattacks. Raiding stance will also reduce enemy replenishment, will reduce holdout time for local city by 2 turns, and will reduce the upkeep of own units (to counterbalance the siege stance), so having second stack in raiding stance while first one is sieging will be beneficial.
- Navy Double Time stance will have dual purpose. For combat navy, it will have similar effects as forced march. it will increase movement by 50% (from base value), but decrease slightly morale and combat stats. With Army Transports bonus movement will be 200% with the same combat penalties. Double Time is supposed to be main purpose how to move transport ships around now.
- Navy Patrol stance will have same effects as fortify stance for army. Navy will have extended line of sight and reinforcement range, as well as combat stats. As before, Patrol Stance will reduce local piracy.
- Boarding bonuses increased, while time they are applied was decreased to 15 seconds to compensate. This will give boarders slightly better chance during initial stages when massively outnumbered by defenders.

Building Overhaul:

- Main town or city building now provides base income from local subsistence, trade and industry. Bigger is the city, more base income it provides. Specialized cities also provide certain specific bonus, to specific area. Yet these bonuses will not guarantee income on their own, but will enhance the output of secondary buildings. For example, Mining town will give bonus to mining, but without mine constructed, that bonus will not give you any income. Yet once you build a mine, your potential income will be greatly increased based on type of town you have (Town with gold deposits will be extremely valuable now)
- Main City/Town buildings will now require a lot of time to be built. This is because of a combination of reasons. Whole mod is optimized towards 12TPY play in specific campaigns (WoS,HatG,IA,CiG), yet also, city/town also represents the population culture, therefore goal was to make this conversion a lot longer. (building next level of city building on top of former different culture building will change the city appearance to own culture, therefore it cant be something that will happen in few months)
- Religion buildings will have provide same public order, and cultural conversion bonuses, but they will differ on secondary economical and military bonuses. Every temple will be relatively equal, yet player will benefit from proper specialization.
- Damaged buildings will now lose all their bonuses until repaired, yet those which provide public order bonuses, will now increase disorder while being damaged. Repairing any temples should be a priority now. This also gives  much bigger impact to agents which can damage buildings and cause additional disorder in that city. Similarly, sacking a city will also damage the buildings, and will practically strip the enemy of all income, plus will generate additional disorder in the province,therefore sacking now will be a valid strategy against enemies.
- Weather and Seasonal effects on agriculture. Agriculture will now provide a lot bigger income if developed, yet its output will depend on season and weather. Expect high bonuses on good autumn, and penalties in winter, increased in harsh conditions.
- Piracy effects on sea trade increased in contested and shared sea regions.

Campaign,Politics and Diplomacy:

- Political support effects were completely overhauled. More political power you have, more popular you are (public order), your soldiers believe more in you (increased morale) and other nations look at you a bit more positively (minor diplomatic bonus). Yet its not all just positive. More political power you have, higher is the corruption in your provinces. Also actual political support will be fully dynamic, player will get slight bonus to political power when weak, and political penalty when strong (stronger you get, higher penalty you have to overcome to get stronger). At maximum political power, penalty is completely removed (no opposition)
- Civil war was adjusted so it wont happen too early, unless you grab too much power. Civil war trigger was moved to the last imperium level, so  you will experience civil war when your empire is large.
- Political Assassination was renamed, now it represent ability to discredit a person, so it will leave the public life. Intention was to give this AI tool proper meaning, so AI controlled political factions will not murder the political opponents, but instead will intrigue to get that particular person discredited or removed from office and replaced by somebody new. (former wounded status)  All notifications were changed to properly show this with appropriate text.
- Vassal states now provide more units for recruitment
- Diplomacy completely overhauled, introduced concept of just war, where player can force enemy a peace by defeating his armies and releasing prisoners, which will improve overall relationship enemy has towards you.
- Imperator Augustus campaign,Hannibal at the Gates and Wraths of Sparta are all 12 turns per year campaigns.Grand Campaign is 4 turns per year and Caesar in Gaul is 24 turns per year.
- Factional relationships reworked, factions farther away from each other will be neutral towards each other, to prevent AI factions to go into war against factions far away.

Public Order, Food, Taxation:

- Public order will use similar method as political power. Provinces with low public order will get bonus, while with high PO will get a penalty. This way public order stays dynamic, and higher it gets, harder it gets to keep it at that level(people are more and more demanding to get satisfied). At the other side, lower levels might get increased easier.   [b]FEATURE FULL CREDITS: Magnar[/b]
- Positive public order will have minor effect on local taxation, and population growth, negative public order will decrease replenishment of units, reduce recruitment slots and of course will greatly reduce tax income and provincial growth.
- Food is now also function of public order. surplus of food improves the public order and growth, while lack of it decreases it. Food no longer handles unit replenishments, which is now fixed value. Similarly, lack of food wont cause units to starve (armies can get their food from local population forcibly) Yet, food is now not an all defining item, you can function with the lack of food, but its better to have at least some surplus.
- Taxation effects get increased, as before higher taxation mean public order penalties and growth penalties. More you increase taxes, more disorder it will generate.  Yet if taxation is high, it will decrease the public order which will decrease the taxed amount, so  keeping taxes and public order in check will be necessary.
- Defeating rebellions will now much more profound effect on public order, therefore provinces wont rebel every other turn as before.
- Population growth is slowed down. A lot more points is now needed to get the building slot, and all requirements are static, therefore you will be able to build in whatever city you want if province has enough of population. (you can focus on capital and leave others for later or other way around).

Jaroslav Jakubov
Great job!
Dang it'd require me 45€ to buy the needed DLC. Sort of sad to see that CA has succeeded in their DLC strategy.

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