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New to Roman Re-enactment, Any re-enactors Lincolnshire or East Anglia way
Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum and to Roman re-enactment.

Firstly I have acquired a lorica segmentata, scutum, gladius, and helmet (although I am not sure how accurate they are or durable, sorry newbie alert).

The lorica has seen better days. The leather straps have seen much use, the rivets are rusted and are starting to come off, there is pitted rust and what looks like water marks on the plates. But hey it's a start. The same can be said of the condition of the helmet, which looks like the infamous 'trooper' helmet.

At university I studied Ancient History and studied the Roman Army (during the Republic predominantly). I currently work in a primary school where I use the equipment I have to help deliver a hands-on session on the Romans.

I have my equipment stored in Boston, Lincolnshire (at my parent's house), but I work and live in Cambridge. I do not have use of a workshop and I do not have the foggiest on how to repair and maintain my kit, apart from real basic knowledge.

Is someone close by which can help me. Any help, even advice would be welcome. Thank you.
The Ermine Street Guard are a good option and they are in Colchester next weekend, I understand (10-11 June)

There are also the Roman Military Research Society and Legio II Augusta.
Stephen Bennett
You might even try the Colchester Roman Society.

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