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Gladiatorial reference photos needed!
Hello all,

I’ve only just joined RomanArmyTalk, but I’ve been a gladiator enthusiast for a very long time. I am also a fledgling game designer and I’m working on a non-commercial Virtual Reality program that simulates looking out through different types of gladiator helmets in order to show the limited visibility different types of gladiators would have had. This VR program is going to be an attachment to a blog post I’m writing about how video games about Roman gladiators (e.g. Colosseum: Road to Freedom) could be made more historically accurate, since one of my main points is that the way the helmets limited visibility should be considered when making first-person gladiator games (otherwise I think secutores would be kind of over-powered).

Anyway, I’m currently modeling the different gladiator helmets for the VR program, but I have hit a bit of a snag. While I do have plenty of reference photos that show the outside of the helmets (both from internet sources and Junkelmann’s books), I do not have any good quality pictures of what the inside of the helmets are like and how the hinges and attachments for the visors work. I would be very grateful if anyone who has such pictures or has access to accurate reconstructions of the helmets could send me some photos I could use for this project! Tips from reenactors and other people with gladiatorial combat experience about what wearing the helmets is like would also be greatly appreciated! 

- Yorgosavros

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