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Help with tour in Rome
Hi all
I had our four days in Rome mapped out and then my son mentioned he really wanted to see the Borghese Gallery and some of the sculptures there so I'm figuring out how to fit it in knowing I need to figure it out now or not get a reservation. Also can you recommend a good tour in Rome? As an option I found the Eyes of Rome, can anyone know their program? This is what I have so far
Sunday arrival--pretty much strolling down Via Del Corso including Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Emanuele monument and elevator....Dinner in Trastevere
Monday--Vatican Tour 830-1130am, lunch break, Scavi Tour 145pm
Tuesday--day trip to Pompei
Wednesday--Ancient Rome with a 820pm night tour of the Colosseum Underground---my thoughts are to schedule the Borghese for this morning and since we will be at the Colosseum late plan to be there by 2-3pm to tour the Forum, Palatine Hill and Colosseum. I know I have to use transit to do this is it feasible or should I try to put it on day one or two?
I really really would recommend to take an bike tour in Rome! You have different options you can even ride the ancient Via Appia!

Perfect company to help you out and see the different options.
Jasper Westerhuis

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