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Roman Imperial Artillery
Available now is Alan Wilkins' Roman Imperial Artillery, an A4-sized updating and expansion of his old Shire Archaeology volume. Currently available from him via Ebay, he will be selling it from a website in the new year. Alan also has a paper on the Vitruvian ballista in the upcoming JRMES 18 (about which more in a few days' time).

Mike Bishop
You know my method. It is founded upon the observance of trifles

Blogging, tweeting, and mapping Hadrian\'s Wall... because it\'s there
Many thanks Mike
I bet is very interesting
unfortunately ships only in UK Sad
Gelu I.
Available from these folk to elsewhere in Europe,  My copy came in 2 days from ordering and was very securely packed so should reach you safely.  Sorry - lapsed into Amazon feedback mode there for some reason!

ordered today took me 8.5 pounds to ship but with almost 1 kg weight is ok. thanks for the tip
Gelu I.
Mine arrived yesterday and is very detailed.
Francis Hagan

The Barcarii
Got mine as well. Looks impressive now I will have to find the time to read it.
Mike thanks again for the post and John for the info
Gelu I.

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