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Brass, Bronze, Silver and Gold Casting
Hello all... 

It has been awhile. Over the pass 6 months I have faced a huge family crisis. During this time, most of the activities have been shut down in my shop. I have also revamped the shop, upgraded and re-tooled it.

In the next few weeks I will be able to make and create both Lost Wax and Sand castings in Brass, Bronze, Silver and Gold. I upgraded things in order to keep as much of what I do "In House" and the only suppliers I will need are for raw materials. 

I have recently made the models and molds for 3 different types of Scabbard Suspension rings for the Scabbards I make.

One of my goals i to create things that are needed/desired that are not necessarily available currently, or they are available but not "Accurate." 

If you have needs or can suggest things that are needed, let me know. Once I have a working model and / or mold, I can make pieces available at a broader range.

This can range from Sword and scabbard parts, to fibulas, buckles, rings, pins, belt frogs, plates, and the many different "Danglies" Balteus, Cingulum and Baldric Hardware.
Some of these pieces will include enamelings. I am set up to do most things that are 7" x 7" or smaller.

I will also be endeavoring to create stamped pieces, I currently have some of the tools, but in order to make the dies, there would have to be a bigger demand for finished pieces.

So, there is where I am at. I should have everything in place in the next few weeks. Your suggestions or needs are welcome for things that you think are worthy of developing.

In His Service and Yours, 

First of all, I hope you family is safe and well and that the crisis is well and truly in the past.

Secondly, you mentioned you had made three moulds for suspension rings.  I don't know which type of rings you are referring to, but you may recall I asked you about type 'B' pugio suspension rings.  If you have not already dealt with this, then here again is a picture of two from Vindonissa.  The one on the right, in its present state, is 27.5mm high, for reference to scale.  I am not sure of the unfinished one on the left, as it was originally on a different page of the catalogue.

[Image: halbfabrikat.jpg]

I don't know how popular such a ring would be, but I am looking for two sets of four.  

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