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The Saxon Shore is Burning
A popular game of the Society of Ancients, the artwork has been entirely redone in full colour and the size of the mapboard and counters doubled in size in this new deluxe edition.

Here is an extract from the rulebook:
  • This is a two-player simulation of the Barbarian Conspiracy of 367 A.D. Against Roman Britain. In that year the Scotti of Ireland, Atacotti of Western Scotland, Picti of Eastern Scotland and the Saxoni of Upper Germany/Lower Denmark joined forces to take advantage of the withdrawal of the province’s three legions to the continent in one of the interminable Imperial Succession disputes. Britain was rich and prosperous but under-defended, so the Barbarians were able to loot and pillage up and down the country, running riot and killing the Count of the Saxon Shore. The Romans were eventually able to restore order and by 369 A.D. the province was secure again, though permanently weakened.
  • The game consists of a map, tables, 400 counters (some spares and extras are also included) and these rules. You will also need a six-sided die.
The game is available from the Society of Ancients for £15 (£12 for Society members). Keep an eye on the SoA website for further details.

[Image: lab9ksU.jpg]

[Image: 90Beq0z.jpg]

[Image: JHCq89q.jpg]

[Image: BlMLbnJ.jpg]

[Image: o6GNw3s.jpg]
Looks pretty nice. Thanks for sharing.
Gelu I.
Robert Vermaat
FECTIO Late Romans
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
[Image: artgroepbutton.jpg]
The game is now for sale from the SoA. Check the News page for a more detailed description of how it works.
Nice. Reminds me of the old Avalon Hill games.
Author: Bronze Age Military Equipment, Pen & Sword Books

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