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Kit advice
Hi All

I'm looking to start up a Roman impression. Not new to reenactment, but all my other activities are in medieval groups. Given the stuff I have lying around and that I want to build this kit up over time (I'm done buying off the shelf helmets that don't fit me properly), I thought I might do a 1st century AD auxiliary infantryman impression. My main source for this will be Trajan's column, which is early 2nd century, so my first question is, does anybody know of any massive shifts in auxiliary equipment that would make this a bad source for the 1st century?

[Image: TC-111.1-4-cpd-278x300.jpg]
The second question is just a simple matter of what these guys are wearing. From where I'm standing it looks like caligae, feminalia (would bias cutting be the way to go with these?) a short sleeved tunic reaching to just past the genitals, hamata (presumably with subarmalis), a gladius on baldric, sagum, and a helmet. Also clipeus in other panels. Would this be an acceptable kit? Also what's with the lack of belt? It's freaking me out.

For an Auxiliary based in northern europe, I would suggest going for Fellboots (closed shoes) of various styles (there are multiple variations) rather then the older Caligae, which seem to disappear from the archaeological record at the end of the first century, openwork shoes and boots still abound but generally lack the tabs of older footware amongst other details:


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Can we please shift this thread to the Re-enactment and Reconstruction forum where it belongs and where it would get the attention it deserves.

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Disagree. This is where a beginner would look. There are plenty of threads about kit advice for the advanced reenactor in the reenactment section already.
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