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Building an Augustan Kit
Allright so I already am in Legio XIIII but, they're a bit out of reach for me mostly being in Ohio to regularly go to, so I joined Mid Atlantic Classical Society. Currently my Kit Consists of a tunica hand sewn and dyed by me, A Lorica Hamata of heavier build made by Ashish Kumar, A Titleburg Pugio, 2 Gladii one Mainz the other Pompeii, I got a pair of green Naalbinging socks and a knitted hat for under my helm. In the mail I got a Bronze Montefernato helm coming thats custom. Now I CAN sew and do leatherwork, I want to know what kind of belts I need buckle types and the shield boss and rest of my kit for that. I got about 30 bulk buckles I bought and I can make my own belt if need be. I just DONT know what to put together for an Augustan belt, and cant find any sources even with google. Everything I find is Imperial and it's a bit irritating. I can sew a subarmlis and other stuff and prolly get together with someone IRL for a shield construction. The belt is my big issue right now and want to know what I can get to make one. I do not want a pre made one... I actually LIKE doing the work myself.
contact jurjen draaisma (here on RAT) he might help. consider to to get a gladius of the older hispaniensis type
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