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Thracian mercenary equipment
Hi, I'm doing research on the Second Macedonian War and I'm in need of some information on the equipment of Thracian mercenaries. While I think it's safe to assume that they used the rhomphaia as their main weapon (at least, Livy explicitly mentions their "rumpiae"), and that the common soldiers usually wore no body armor at all, what about their helmets? Would it be accurate to depict them wearing Thracian helmets? I mean the same kind that was common among some contemporary Carthaginian troops, not the one that is also known as Phrygian helmet. As for their shields, I would assume that they generally used the Thureos, though I'm not entirely sure.
I would welcome any guidance that would shed light on this.
I would suggest reading my book "The Gods of Battle: The Thracians at War" to see some possible helmet designs. There's a full colour illustration in my Osprey book "The Thracians 700 BC-46 AD." and also in the Ancient Warfare article. Yes they probably used a thureos and a Thracian helmet plus greaves. They may have worn some sort of linen armour but there's a lot of argument about that. They are described as wearing black tunics.

Chris Webber

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