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Brett Clark 1961-2019
'Kind intellect' Aucklander Brett Clark dies after Mt Kilimanjaro climb

For 20 years Brett Clark dreamt about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.
In the end, that dream led to his death.
The 57-year-old Auckland man died last week due to complications associated with altitude sickness after scaling Africa's largest mountain.
"It was always on his bucket list," his wife Lisa Clark told Stuff on Monday. "I was not so keen."
His wife's reluctance didn't stop him, though - in January, Clark and his eldest son Byron agreed they should do the trip before Clark "got too old".
Within days they had planned the trip, got their immunisation shots and had booked their flights.
"He was excited and a little pensive. He knew it was dangerous," Lisa Clark said.
The last thing she said to her husband before he flew to Africa was a warning.
"I said to him at the airport, 'Don't you dare die'... and he did."
The plan had been for the father and son to climb the mountain before doing a safari together.
However, days into the ascent last week Clark began to struggle.
Eventually he told his son at the 3000 metre mark he was too ill to carry on, and encouraged him to keep climbing.
Clark was taken down the mountain before being transported by ambulance to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre for treatment for complications to do with altitude sickness.
"His blood oxygen levels were way too low. He was in the intensive care unit the moment they got him there."
While in hospital he remained conscious for two days and on February 7 sent a text message to his son Conrad in New Zealand:
"I love you son, and tell Lisa I love her too."
Shortly afterwards he lost consciousness, suffering from a build up of fluid on his lungs known as pulmonary edema.
This led to further complications, and ultimately heart failure.
"We were under the impression he was improving," Lisa Clark said. "Then I got the call. That was devastating. Absolutely gutting.
"It was not supposed to happen."
In the days since her husband's death, Lisa Clark said she had been thinking back on the "character" she was married too.
There had been an endless stream of people coming to pay their respects and remembering good memories shared with him.
"He was very smart and funny. More than that, he was such a kind intellect.
"He was so full of life, so full of ideas and enjoyed everything he did."
Her husband had a passion for Roman history and was well-known for leading Imperium-Romana - an Auckland based re-enactment and Roman history group.
The pair had travelled throughout the world and extensively through Europe celebrating different Roman events.
Brett Clark - a quantity surveyor and property manager - had almost finished his Masters in ancient history and classics prior to his death.
Their Grafton house is well known for being decorated with various ancient art works and a replica temple in their garden.
When people weren't visiting, the house had grown very quiet in the last few days, Lisa Clark said.
Byron had returned from Africa on Monday without his father, but had brought his mother a special gift.
"Byron brought me back (her husband's) wedding ring, which I was so relieved about.
"I still feel like Brett is going to walk in the door any second....Now, it is just dead silence."
Plans to bring Brett Clark home were still being arranged.
Robert Vermaat
FECTIO Late Romans
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
[Image: artgroepbutton.jpg]
This is sad news. I know Brett Clark was a hugely respected figure in reenactment circles around the world.
Nathan Ross
Was very shocked when I heard about this at the weekend, we met Brett at Archeon last August, a finer gentleman and roman you could not meet. He will be sorely missed by many.
Joe Witcombe
I met him and his wife in Vermont at a Roman reenactment and he was a very decent fellow so I am very shocked at this news.
Joe Balmos

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