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End of Bosporan Kingdom
If we look at wikipedia, Tiberius Julius Rhescuporis VI, it seems that Rhescuporis VI was the last king of the Bosporan Kingdom, died in 342AD.

Bosporan Kingdom would had been conquered by the King of the Goths, Ermanaric, putting an end to the Roman Client Kingdom.

After, around 375AD, the Huns defeated the Goths, and Ammianus tell us that the Goth Vithimiris was defeated after several battles, so the Bosporan Kingdom eventually fell under the Huns.

So, the roman influence/control of the Bosporan Kingdom ended around 342AD (partially regained by the ERE).

Do we have a better reconstruction and sources?
- CaesarAugustus
(Marco Parente)

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