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I've seen a few reconstructions of this class (yes it's the one you're thinking of most probably) and I was wondering... where they actually got that idea from. So I thought to ask you people who know - is there basis for the class actually looking like the reconstruction, or is it a re-enactorism?
[Image: 220px-Crupellarius_legioXXX_3.jpg]
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The reconstruction is based on a little bronze statuette found at Versigny in France and now kept at the Musee Jeanne D'Aboville.

[Image: crupellarius-222x300.jpg]

The theory is that this is a depiction of a type of Gallic gladiator described by Tacitus, "clad after the national fashion in a complete covering of steel. They were called crupellarii..." (Annals, 3.43) The accuracy of the reconstruction is anybody's guess though!

You can find more information and quotes in this thread here.
Nathan Ross

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