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Alae stationed in Novaesium (Neuss)
Hello everybody,
although I am following the forum since years, here you are my first post because I need some help.
Despite being an engineer, during the last 10 years I made a passion of my interest for ancient Rome. To the point that I am now somehow involved in a project for a school. I am looking for information about 3 alae that were or could have been stationed at Novaesium: the ala afrorum, the ala gallorum picentiana and the ala parthorum veterana. 
Specifically I am interested in anything which would render the representation of the equites somehow characteristic or at least recognizable: clothing, armours and armaments, tactics or participation to important battles.
For the ala parthorum I already have everything I need, while for the ala gallorum picentiana I guess I may suppose a standard panoplia with helm, trousers, hamata, spatha, oval shield and javelins. The ala afrorum is entirely another matter: I found nothing at all. With the additional difficulty related to the fact that it seems to have lost very quickly the peculiarity of being afrorum in that, of the many gravestones from this ala, only one belongs to an african with the majority belonging to Germans (the one found in Neuss belonging to a Tunger).
Is there anyone that can help me?
Many thanks in advance

Claudio Magnatti
Titus Clodius Picens

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