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Are these the things to read on the Bow from Yrzi, Syria?
Brown, Frank E. "A Recently Discovered Compound Bow," Annales de l’Institut Kondakov, Prague, 1937.

Rausing, G. (1967). The Bow: Some Notes on Its Origin and Development. Rudolf Habelt. p. 105, fig. 22

Coulston, J. C. (1985) "Roman Archery Equipment." In M. C. Bishop (Ed.), The Production and Distribution of Roman Military Equipment. BAR International Series (Vol. 275, pp. 220-336). Oxford.

Statements about a reconstruction are floating around the Internet, I don't know if that is in Coulston's article.
Nullis in verba

I have not checked this forum frequently since 2013, but I hope that these old posts have some value. I now have a blog on books, swords, and the curious things humans do with them.
Hello Sean,

Well, the reply is a bit late, but may be it will be useful for somebody. Certainly the whole Brown's article is about the Yrzi bow. Coulston writes about the bow on pages 239-241. He mentions a reconstruction of the bow by Edward McEwen. I haven't read Rausig, but his book is mentioned by Coulston in endnotes when dealing with the Yrzi bow.


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