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Database of Roman shoe finds
I was looking for a collection of reference material regarding late roman shoes. 4th, 5th and 6th century thereabouts. In my online search I found this. While not neccesarily what I was looking for, It might be a nice little catalogue that can be of use to the Roman reenactment community on here. Basicly it's a list of archeological shoe finds ordered by date, location and corresponding culture. There is a good chunk of Roman stuff in there as well. The added value is that allot of them also have pictures for those of us who want to try at making them ourselves. And if there's no picture available, there is an literary footnote on it's source.

One Example: 

"The Mainz Boot - Mainz, Germany
Germany: Mainz
  • Roman Hobnail sole
Stepping Through Time By Olaf Goubitz – Page No: 51 – fig.21b
  • Roman Caligae
Margrethe Hald's Primitive Shoes -  pages: 58"

The link is:

I hope it can be of use for some of you all.

With kind regards,

Lover of all things Rome and it's history...
...also an expert eater of pasta.
Surely it is helpful. But don't expect any answers, this forum looks much dead, probably coronavirus has infected even this website.
Titius Vettidius Cladus

William Sambo
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Well lots moved to Facebook easier to post
Some of us do look in here as well from time to time
as I am specially interested in Shoe finds I find this very interesting and have to say "thanks" for the idea and the work you put in developing the website. I will eventually come with c´suggestions as well later but can't see anything atm
Gelu I.

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