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Share Your Greek Artwork
Good depictions. I guess the players must be satisfied.

Kind regards
Quote:Well it seems we get the attention of the international audience if I judge from Leonidas bronze statue.
I would truly appreciated if dcooper wants to tell us the source of his info on doing this bronze statute. It is very accurate. fantastic work!

Kind regards

That would be "her info", Stefane. Nice work, ma'am.
Quote: I do my best, so please don't hit me over the head for any/all my historical inaccuracies. I hope you like them.

First is a bronze of Alexander, second is a Trojan helmet,
and the third is King Leonidas.

Your sculptures are really amazing! They're beautiful and full of character.
Sara T.
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Quote: That would be "her info", Stefane. Nice work, ma'am.

:oops: I know my english are lousy.

Thanks for pointing it out Paul.

Sorry madam.

Kind regards
Nice artwork Gioi.
Kallimachos a.k.a. Kurt

Athina Itonia
[Image: smallsun1.gif]
Very nice. I like Richard Hooks paintings very much, his humans mostly look like humans and not the muscle-monsters of some other artists.

Do you have more of it?
Wolfgang Zeiler
Here is a shield I textured for a game I'm working on (I don't want to advertise, so you'll have to find on your own what game it is). It's based on a Macedonian shield I found in one of Stefanos' posts:

I admit its not 100% accurate, but I hope you like it. Smile
Michael D. Hafer [aka Mythos Ruler, aka eX | Vesper]
In peace men bury their fathers. In war men bury their sons.
[Image: leonidas001.jpg] my sketch of leonidas [Image: leonidas002.jpg] my sketch of a corinthian helmet.
Dan/Anastasios of Sparta/Gaius Statilius Rusticus/ Gaius Germanicus Augustus Flavius Romulus Caesar Tiberius Caelius (Imperator :twisted: <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_twisted.gif" alt=":twisted:" title="Twisted Evil" />:twisted: )
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Real men have Triremes and Chariots 8) <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cool.gif" alt="8)" title="Cool" />8) !
I made this(obviously talking about the painting :lol: )
I chose a not so well preserved sculpture because it's one of the very rare sculptures that depict the classical linothorax!These Parhtenon depictions assure us that they're as accurate as we can get to the real linothorax-later hellenistic sculptures are not always relyable,and of course do not show the popular classical linothorax that we re-enactors love.
[Image: BlockXIIIParthenonSoutFriez-1.jpg]
[Image: BlockXIIIParthenonSoutFriez.jpg]
Forgive my laziness.I started painting it to check how it would look like and to check the abilities of Adobe Image Ready,and desided to finish all of it...
Giannis K. Hoplite
a.k.a.:Giannis Kadoglou
[Image: -side-1.gif]
nice work Giannis! 8)
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Titus Flavius Germanus
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Byron Angel
Hi All!
I want to show you my picture of a Spartan Officer I´d painted the last eight days.
The Photo is not that good, but I think its still visible.
Kind regards
(Willi Miesen)

Athenian Hoplite
very nice!
Jeroen Pelgrom
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I would rather have fire storms of atmospheres than this cruel descent from a thousand years of dreams.
Well done Strategos.Summarises well the general vision of a Spartan officer in the begining of the 5th century bc.You could try to photograph it without the flash or if you have a digital camera you could try some of the other options for a more "dramatic" photograph.
Giannis K. Hoplite
a.k.a.:Giannis Kadoglou
[Image: -side-1.gif]
Here's a texture mod for fully upgraded hoplites in Age of Mythology that Mythos_Ruler, a guy from New Zealand and I created years ago.

[Image: centurionshoplitemod2.jpg]

Compare it to the original texture...

[Image: Hoplite.jpg]

[size=75:wtt9v943]Susanne Arvidsson

I have not spent months gathering Hoplites from the four corners of the earth just to let
some Swedish pancake in a purloined panoply lop their lower limbs off!
- Paul Allen, Thespian

[Image: partofE448.jpg]
Thanks for the comments!
I´m glad you liked it.
@Giannis: Thanks for your tip, I´m going to try it!
@Susanne: This texture is 1000% better than the original! Congratulations!

Kind regards
(Willi Miesen)

Athenian Hoplite

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