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AntonivsMarivsCongianocvs Presentation discussion
Quote:Just because the helmet isn't based on an actual "find" disqualifies the work for the award ?

Please tell me how many Attic helmets have been found, someone.

All we have to go on are carved reliefs. Antony's research was both thorough and methodical. He's shown which reliefs were used to reconstruct this helmet but that isn't good enough ?

What a crock !

It's a better repro than many other repros that are based on actual finds.


Theo, you are mixing up two terms here. One is reproduction, the other is reconstruction. Both terms are clearly defined in the field of experimental archaeology, that is, scientifically defined. The Hasta Pura is given for the best reconstruction or Ancient historic impression.

Apart from that, we stopped discussing whether this object presented here qualifies for the hasta pura or not, since a moderator not concerned with the hasta pura in any way let slip out some information from the moderator´s board, which was, however, not decisive information, but only the opinion of one of the five members of the hasta pura award committe. This happend at a point where only two votes had been cast. Sparked by that, we had a discussion about the award, and decided that it should remain as is. There will perhaps be somehting like an artisan´s award for good craftsmanship, if someone is going to volunteer to moderate it.

As for your other questions:
I don´t know how many attic helmets were found, but it is quite a lot. Most of the derive from Greece and southern Italy.

I can´t tell you if the helmet had qualified or not, as explained above. Now, as there was a discussion about the whole thing, and the rules have been (very very slightly) changed, it would not qualify.

It has nothing to do with "good enough". It is not a reconstruction, and presentations of reconstructions are what is awarded. You can´t go with a Ferrari to a 2CV rally and wonder that you are not in the race. As I also said, I like the helmet, it is great work IMO (except for the bought pieces, the laurels and roses IMHO), but by definition it is not a reconstruction.

The work should propably be honoured in some way, but as the award rules are, to which I am going to stick ( and I think also the other committee members), the Hasta Pura is not the right thing to do so.
I know that there are also some other people, who are not happy with this decision, but it simply doesn´t make sense to bend the rules of the award. The previous awardees had to cope with these rules, and so sould the future awardees. It would neither be fair nor sensible to change them now.
Christian K.

No reconstruendum => No reconstruction.

Ut desint vires, tamen est laudanda voluntas.


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