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Turned Aspis Project in Progress
OK. The interior is done. It needs to dry out before sealing. Then I fit the exterior leather. Then the fittings. Then the bronze rim (when I have money).

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Cheryl Boeckmann
Wow that's amazing!
It amazes me how quickly stupid people are out-breeding the smart ones.

"The greatest impediment of all is the square-jawed, flat-talking Tatum, who is so wooden he presents a fire hazard." - The Toronto Star on Channing Tatum in "The Eagle".

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A great pity that the Laudes are not present in the new RAT version. You'd certainly deserve them!
Giannis K. Hoplite
a.k.a.:Giannis Kadoglou
[Image: -side-1.gif]
This project certainly looks as if it deserves an award of some type. A work of art that I wouldn't want to be banging about in reenactment:
looks like you should make another, a "field" Aspis, and save this one for the victory parade!
John Kaler MSG, USA Retired
Member Legio V (Tenn, USA)
Staff Member Ludus Militus
Owner Vicus and Village:
Thanks for the kind words (pseudo-laudes). I'm hoping fixative will set the interior so it can stand some use. I have to admit I'd cry like the girl I am if it got all dinged up right away. I at least need to have it finished for a bit before the scuffing begins.
Cheryl Boeckmann
That'e really beautiful Cheryl. Amazing work!!!
Kallimachos a.k.a. Kurt

Athina Itonia
[Image: smallsun1.gif]
[Image: bannerLinks.PNG]
OK. Things are moving along, now!
Cheryl Boeckmann
I still can't tell why sometimes it's a pic and sometimes it's a download. Anyway, here's the leather exterior. (Thank you very big cow.)

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Cheryl Boeckmann
Here' the fitted interior. I primed the exterior last night. I see more painting in my future.
Cheryl Boeckmann
Astonishingly good work! Worthy of any world class museum, in my opinion.
Can't wait to see the front side's completion.
M. Demetrius Abicio
(David Wills)

Saepe veritas est dura.
Thanks. The hard part is being patient. The end is in sight and I don't want to mess up, now.
Cheryl Boeckmann
I reattached the missing photos. More than a few got lost in the forum change-over and have now been found.
Cheryl Boeckmann
That is indeed a wonderful paint job! Realy nice and good luck with the last bit of work. At the end I think this project has brought you one of the best Aspis around in the international re-enactment (and museum) scene.
Jvrjenivs Peregrinvs Magnvs / FEBRVARIVS
A.K.A. Jurjen Draaisma
CORBVLO and Fectio
Great work! The most well shaped aspis I ve ever seen.
aka Yannis
Molon lave
Thank you. There is something to be said for turning the wooden core. I can't wait to finish it and carry it to see how it handles. Patience, patience, patience. (Or as I say to myself, "Shut up and paint!")
Cheryl Boeckmann

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