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Gladius from Mainz
Our 5-th Mainz gladii specimen is assembled and ready for use.
[Image: 287226bfd162.jpg]
These two applications (that stand under the brackets) make this scabbard UNIQUE!
[Image: 612abf310688.jpg]
Radostin Kolchev
(Adlocutio Cohortium)
Together with the lower application.
[Image: 14064363bb5a.jpg]
Radostin Kolchev
(Adlocutio Cohortium)
This is slightly not in the subject but I think to show it here our made and assembled spatha together with our other club swords .
[Image: 8e2069e15128.jpg]
This is our two new Roman sword.
On frescoes and on stella are shown Gladius or Spatha version with concentric circles plates.
I chose to do two spatha with 2 diferent concentric circles applications for our clubs future cavalry project. Or with them will be armament the Auxiliary or the archers in our other club.
Beautiful paintings depicting similar Spata model model!
[Image: eec80310b99d.jpg]
Radostin Kolchev
(Adlocutio Cohortium)
I have seen such an interpretation of spatha replicas models but not the same as my . May be there is such as but I have never seen replica of Gladius or Spatha with one plate, with concentric circles on it. So I think that this interpretation of Roman sword we made it for the first time in the reenakting society..not that there is a big significance !
[Image: 0f91709b6c32.jpg]
Another beautiful paintings depicting similar Spatha model !
[Image: 3e0d26c1a881.jpg]
Radostin Kolchev
(Adlocutio Cohortium)
[Image: 2700c903c24f.jpg]
This is entirely my creative project. Over 60% of them are manufactured in our club. Iron part and part of the scabbards are product of Deepeeka.
[Image: fb49f1d1bfb7.jpg]
Radostin Kolchev
(Adlocutio Cohortium)
I had the privilege to have a look over similar sword (without a showcase) in Ritual burial of military chief of the I century AD in Village Karanovo Ritual burial in the Thracian Tomb Village Karanovo -Municipality of Nova Zagora Bulgaria.
It is assumed that the funeral is of auxiliary officer of Thracian nobleman on Roman army service.
Аs it is known they (the Thracian auxiliary) were mostly horsemen.
I want to share with you that what I saw there (as swords) with a typical handle for the Gladius from bone and wood ending, it was not MAINZ sword neither pompeii.
To the right is seen another sword with concentric elements on the scabbard It is also a long sword ,but a Sarmatian type .Pay attention to the details please.
[Image: f276e01cfc3b.jpg]
Radostin Kolchev
(Adlocutio Cohortium)

I like the idea of having something different other than the usual or typical scabbard designs people use for their cavalry spathas. Using the stela is not always the best idea but I agree with you with respect to the swords you have made. Excellent photos of original artifacts. Is there a date for these especially the one with the loop at the end.

One comment....if I may......the grips are too shallow and the guard is too square. I am not aware of any actual rectangular guards with sharp edges. Also, looking at the stela you provided and these original swords, you can see that the guards are rounded just like on other gladii.
"You have to laugh at life or else what are you going to laugh at?" (Joseph Rosen)

Doc regarding the archeology, I've made a post somewhere here in RAT, I do not remember where ..never mind here it is again .Unfortunately, it is in Bulgarian language only.You can use Google translator for the text publications :
Thracian Auxiliary.Period 14/37 A.D.
Village Karanovo -Municipality of Nova Zagora.Thracian Tomb in Bulgaria's archeological complex "East Hill".
One aureus from imp. Tiberivs (the latest coin) and 5 silver denars. Can be determined 2 gladius and
thracian auxiliary belt from red leather (partially preserved leather) with a big silver buckle and unique applications.
The body was ritually burned.Ashes was put in a crock.
Ritual burial of an aristocrat and military chief of the I century AD. which was laid in the mound with his chariot, horses, military equipment and unique glassware.
The total number of the findings is 72.
Radostin Kolchev
(Adlocutio Cohortium)
Regarding the guard. Yes you are right, they are too square. I just used the few already made wooden guards for our 3 new Pompeii swords made for our club. Now I see that their guards are quite square too Smile. Omission on my.
The 3 new Pompeii swords are prepared with green leather especially on our order by archeology from Leiden Museum, NL model.
For the needs of our auxiliary units.
[Image: a26f1594b9a5.jpg]
Radostin Kolchev
(Adlocutio Cohortium)
Hello Rado,

Thanks for the link. That is wonderful!!.

How did you get the green? I am thinking of doing the same for my hispanensis but I am not sure if I will use natural dyes or synthetic.

"You have to laugh at life or else what are you going to laugh at?" (Joseph Rosen)

I think I completed the series of the 3 Mainz gladius model (my version).
1.Mainz model with applications under the brackets.
2. Cortesia Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum - Mainz-Dm
The main difference of this model is that the scabbard is entirely sheathed with bronze.In this case I used brass .
[Image: 6119a559d499.jpg]
I try my best to resemble almost everything from the upper and lower applications .
[Image: 5d14335dce29.jpg]
3.and Gladii from Dubravica.
All they are assembled with similar applications (upper and lower).
[Image: 0b03561f1ca1.jpg]
A photo flashes and it difficult to see some details that differentiate them.Such as Mainz model with applications under the brackets .To the other two models they are missing!
[Image: fa4e1b331200.jpg]
Аs the very interesting solution for handle "plugging". Which I successfully recreated (I think).Regarding Gladii from Dubravica.
[Image: c6187b6d0f5d.jpg]
These are probably the most relevant swords for historical reenacting on the period early 1 st century to 70 years and onward. Most accurately applied to the August / Tiberius period. Or by archaeological finds: The offensive of the Roman Empire in the early first century on the upper,middle and lower Danube at the time of Drusus, Germanicus and Tiberius with related Illyrian revolt. As the offensive in North Rhine limes with related uprisings and The Battle of Teutoburg Forest.
Radostin Kolchev
(Adlocutio Cohortium)
How did you go about making the grooved suspension rings?
These are the latest improvements on my Meiz Gladius model. For most the reenactors and some of my colleagues who are not so familiar with the details they hardly will find the difference from my older models.

But additional improvements were made on my Meiz Gladius model. Mainly on the rings for the brackets.
[Image: ccee77e36640.jpg]
This rings model I improve them maybe for the third time! They have a very complex shape to be replicated. But now I am calm because I think that they are..perfect for this model.
[Image: c7da13b7d063.jpg]
[Image: 9b222d479e12.jpg]
To do any of these rings, for me it's like I'm doing a wedding ring. Work, effort and energy is the same! The only difference is in the material is brass instead of gold .
[Image: 418baca4159c.jpg]
At the bottom I have also made improvements and better resemblance to the original of Mainz models. From some of the pictures can get an idea of the details high relief .
[Image: 90e1e9be7693.jpg]
Radostin Kolchev
(Adlocutio Cohortium)
Do you seek the rings?
After last year's successful participation at the Rhine limes Augusta Raurica where I demonstrate in action my primary series of Majnc models I was inspired to produce another bigger series of those covered with history Swords. I have been foreseen in the plan my production so that I'm will be totally ready for the new festival,with my new models.

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Radostin Kolchev
(Adlocutio Cohortium)

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