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Glenys Lloyd-Morgan
Sad to see the death announcements in The Guardian (UK) that Glenys Lloyd-Morgan, author of many Roman small finds reports died on September 21st, aged 67. Her funeral will be on 1st October in Bangor, Wales.
Very sad news indeed.

I met Glenys Lloyd-Morgan several times when I first began work in archaeology at Chester many years ago. My thoughts go out to her family and friends.

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Glenys was both wondrous and, at times, bizarre, but always a welcomed contributor to the early Roman Military Equipment Seminars and Conferences (her slides of the Edwardian Roman pageant at Chester stand out). She could at times be contentious (backs were put out when she told a ROMEC how to go about approaching a museum, but it was nevertheless sound advice for those less experienced in that sometimes-labyrinthine process) and was always extremely helpful to me, especially when I spent a glorious day ploughing through all the military equipment from Chester. On the subject of mirrors she was peerless.

Spare us from dull grey conformists: Glenys was never one of those and she has a special (mirrored) niche in my pantheon of Roman finds specialists.

Mike Bishop
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An obituary for Glenys in The Guardian today:
I also am very sad to hear the news Sad

I first met Glenys in the Netherlands while she was working at Museum Kam in Nijmegen 1973-74. At the time I was just under 20. After that I spent about 5 summer holidays with her encouragement hitch-hiking to Chester to work on excavations as a volunteer, drinking beer in the pubs and in the weekend enjoying her home-made cakes.

I still recall camping behind the tennis-court at the YMCA overlooking the River Dee and lodging in the living-room with some of her friends nearby. Chester is still a place very dear to my heart, just as Glenys. I never met her husband, but I wish him and her family condolences. She was almost an aunt to me.

Glenys, rest in peace, you will never be forgotten.


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