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Roman regiments of the VIth century.
Chronicle of Theophanes mentions that in 609(or 608) Emperor Phokas ordered certain Macrobius(man reportedly involved in a conspiracy against him) to be shot with arrows and consequently that he should be let to die at the castle of "Theodosians" at Hebdomon hanging on a lance of that kind "that is used for training of the recruits".

This seems to me a possible refference of one of more Theodosian regiments existing since late 4th century like:

-Numerus Theodosiacorum-palestina in 512

-Theodosiaci balistarii in Nessana in palestine

-Numerus devotissimi Theodosiaci in Nessana(maybe the same with previous ones) they were garrisoned here at least during years 505-596

-Primi Theodosiani and numerus primus Theodosianorum(probably both are the same unit)Garrisoned in Florencia in 547.

-Numerus Felicum Theodosiacus(in Ravenna around 600 AD,it is possible they were created by crown prince Theodosius oldest son of Emperor Mauricius)

-Numerus Theodosiacus-Rome 592-likely the same with Numerus Felicum Theodosiacus

Ressurecting this thread:

The Numerus Felicum Theodosiacus is probably the Felices Theodosiani in the second Praesental Army in 394. Likewise, they may also be the same Theodosiaci that returned to Italy in 935.

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